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The World needs more Purple People!

We were all glad to see each other back at school after the holidays.

We were all successful learners and have been using the large building blocks and other items from around the classroom to help us with our numeracy skills.


Let’s build a really high tower!!


Counting is FUN!!

Meet our new Teacher –  a very confident individual at this numeracy task.


We love songs about counting.

Multi-tasking – counting and doing my exercises!

Our lovely conker Art.

We love Working Together in the Pine Class . Golden Rule Number 6 – Helping each other and creating something special.

A work of art.

Lets Dance – Music and MOVE!

“Do you want to share?”

Purple Play Dough Fun!

Great exercises for our hands  – flattening and grasping.

Rolling and squeezing.

Literacy online – listening to our story ‘The World needs more Purple People’.

Enjoying Boyle’s singing!!!!

This is our story.

Step 2 – to becoming a Purple Person ‘Laugh’ we do lots of that in the Pine Room!!!

Getting the menu photos ready for Monday “What do you fancy, Links or a Baked Potato?”

Embracing your inner Aladdin during Music and MOVE.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!