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Global Goal 16

Peace, justice and strong institutions.


We voted for a class president and vice president to help with some helper jobs and be effective contributors in the class. We were able to make posters saying vote for and our name. We chose pictures for them and were  confident individuals able to hold then up for all the class to see. We voted using a ballot paper with pictures of everyone on it. We then counted the votes to see who won.


This week has went off with a BANG!

In the Oak class we are continuing to interact with our friends and learn new card games,  so far we have played snap and scabby queen.  We have been effective contributors and participated actively during our games.

We completed our work on raising our awareness on climate change and the effect of natural disasters to people and animals homes.  We were confident individuals when sharing our thoughts on each picture and demonstrated understanding of the situation in each picture.

It was fireworks night, we completed a lot of literacy work this week with a firework theme and then created these lovely bright pictures.


We are in November, so it is time for Christmas show rehearsals to start within the class.  Successful learners when learning to play their song for the virtual show.

Successful learners all round during literacy, every one had their individual work to complete. Everyone focused their attention to complete the tasks set.


Global Goals 11

Sustainable cities and communities

We have been learning about cities and communities through structured play during class. We have been building different structures with various materials including sugar cubes to make igloos.  All pupils have explored the dolls house placing different pieces of furniture into the rooms. Dolls have also been used in different rooms with conversation about what each person would be doing. Some pupils were able to name different rooms that would be in the house and the items you would find in each room.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Hallowe’en in the Pine Room!🎃

Oh it is Hallowe’en in the Pine Room.🎃

This successful learner started her week off by working on her writing skills

Using the Feelings Bar to convey how you feel.


Numeracy, MOVE and AAC Devices for these successful learners.

Spooky Counting Songs and Halloween Matching Games – using our Makaton as we go!

Sustainable Development Goal 12(SDG) – We are Responsible CitizensRecycling, Reusing and Reducing where we can – using the milk carton lids to create art!!

Sensory Flour Play – looking for spiders and other bugs!!!

Working on our Fine Motor Skills – finding tiny Hallowe’en shapes.

Reading ‘Room on the Broom’ a class favourite.

This ECO-Captain says save your paint – wrap it up in a designated zip lock bag for another day.

With our Rainbow Theme we decided to be Rainbow Superheroes – can you guess who is behind each mask?????

The very reluctant Green Superhero!!

Hallowe’en Art with the paint saved from last week – such responsible citizens – SDG 12

Using the different textured brushes was great fun and created lots of different effects.

Hello there!!

Working on our SQA Unit – Recognising a Fictional Character. We have chosen the Colour Monster we like best from the story ‘The Color Monster’ now we are identifying characteristics or features and expressing our opinions about them.

SDG 12 – Recycling the used Batteries and Reusing the Milk Cartons for Halloween.

Our finished textured Art – spooky bats!!


Mr Carl Fredricksen from UP!!


Getting Spooky in the Pine Room!!!!

“Off with your Head!!”

How much fun can we have with a Pumpkin??

Guess Who???

Ready to make some mask???


MOVE – this skeleton is dancing to some spooky music.

Let us in on the joke!!

Have a spooky weekend everyone!!!

The World needs more Purple People!

We were all glad to see each other back at school after the holidays.

We were all successful learners and have been using the large building blocks and other items from around the classroom to help us with our numeracy skills.


Let’s build a really high tower!!


Counting is FUN!!

Meet our new Teacher –  a very confident individual at this numeracy task.


We love songs about counting.

Multi-tasking – counting and doing my exercises!

Our lovely conker Art.

We love Working Together in the Pine Class . Golden Rule Number 6 – Helping each other and creating something special.

A work of art.

Lets Dance – Music and MOVE!

“Do you want to share?”

Purple Play Dough Fun!

Great exercises for our hands  – flattening and grasping.

Rolling and squeezing.

Literacy online – listening to our story ‘The World needs more Purple People’.

Enjoying Boyle’s singing!!!!

This is our story.

Step 2 – to becoming a Purple Person ‘Laugh’ we do lots of that in the Pine Room!!!

Getting the menu photos ready for Monday “What do you fancy, Links or a Baked Potato?”

Embracing your inner Aladdin during Music and MOVE.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!

Global Goals, Earth Day…and meringues!!

This week we looked at our Global Goal – Reducing Inequalities – and considered ‘Access for All’ we looked at different ways access can be made easier, including wheelchair ramps, access buttons, guide dogs for the blind and hearing aids. Then we made a poster to be displayed in the Pine Class.

In cookery we were confident individuals making mini pavlovas, in keeping with our Australian theme – they were yummy!!!

For Earth Day we made sun catchers. Then made a Den under the big parachute, we had torches and glow in the dark toys – great fun!!!


Global Goal 6

We learned about clean water today and how lucky we are to have easy access to clean drinking water.  The boys all made a choice of which glass of water they would like to drink, they all chose the clean water…..apart from Sean he reached for the dirty water and tried to have a drink!

We had a discussion about what would happen if we let Sean drink the dirty water and the effects it would have on our body.

All boys were successful learners, very engaged and attentive, we then watched a water walk video.  One girl had to walk 8 miles every day to get dirty drinking water.  As a class we measured how many steps it would take us to get a glass of clean drinking water.  We created a graph to compare our steps to the girl in the video.

We also experienced walking ten steps with a bucket on our head.  Some boys clearly did not like but others told us they liked the weight on their head.