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Road Safety and Friendship

Over the past two weeks we have enjoyed going out a walk in small groups.  We have had great conversation, interaction with our friends and played ‘I Spy’ to take in what we could see around us.

Confident individuals when working on communication, everyone initiated  conversation with their friends and adults.

Whilst we were out our walk the route was to cross as many roads as possible to give us the opportunity to work on road safety and awareness.

IDL – No Judging

Our IDL theme work this term is based on Beauty and the Beast, accepting everyone and not judging someone by the way they look.

We looked at the main characters and discussed how they looked at different sections of the story.

Our theme is do not judge someone but take the time to get to know them first. Be confident individuals and celebrate what makes us a good friend.

We discussed what qualities are in a good friend, then thought about what is our own best quality is.  We shared this with the class and then told everyone who our best friend is.  We then took part in some activities that our friends like to do.

We planted our very on rose seeds and made some flowers from a variety of shapes.

Everyone chose their favourite character and everyone wanted to be the Beast.

Global Goal 17

We discussed Global Goal 17 in class this week, coming together to work in partnership with others. Helping people and joining together as a group.

We took part in some team games to demonstrate that at times problems can be solved if we all work together as a team and be effective contributors.

We were working against the clock to take puzzle pieces to our champion puzzle problem solver then as a full team we just made it to put the puzzle together before the time was up.  Great team work Oak!


Our next job was to get the ball into the basket but we were not allowed to move with the ball so again as a team we worked together to pass the ball along to the team mate closest to the basket.

It has been all about Literacy this week.

In the Oak class we have worked hard on our literacy, listening and talking skills.  We have all been confident individuals when looking and describing what we see in pictures.  We enjoyed looking at our self in the mirror, we have a class who really enjoy admiring themselves.

Everyone had to complete a portrait of themselves and then confidently stand and share their features of hair colour and eye colour to the class.  We were very proud of the loud clear and confident voices used when talking to their friends.

We have been working on improving our reading skills and recognising the sound two letters make when they are put together.  We were successful learners working on our own sounds and could roll and read the words.

We have had effective contributors working well with a partner to complete a jigsaw puzzle with some gestural support from an adult.  Lots of great team work and problem solving whilst working against the clock to complete.

Earth Day Part 2

This morning we came into class and found our beautiful Earth sun-catchers reflecting the colour onto the carpet.

Our bird feeders were ready to hang up in the garden this morning. The birds will have some lovely treats this weekend.  If there is any food left next week we will do some bird watching in the garden.

We will be responsible citizens and make more food for the birds when they finish  their food.

Earth Day in Oak

Today we celebrated Earth Day by having the lights off all day and using minimum electricity.

We enjoyed an afternoon in the garden, we made an Earth Sun-catcher and took it in turns to find the sun and make the colours reflect onto the ground.

We have been responsible citizens and helping the birds find some food.  We made bird feeders so the birds can have a lovely breakfast and dinner.

We also planted some sunflower seeds, fingers crossed we are successful this year and we manage to grow some beautiful sunflowers.