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IDL – Literacy

We have been learning all about Goldilocks and the three bears.

We looked at the different sized bowls, beds and chairs and matched them to the correct bear. It was lots of fun and then we made beds for each of the bears in the story. One was a BIG bed for Daddy bear, one was a small bed for baby and and one was medium sized bed for Mummy bear. Some of the children were able to tell me which chair, bowl and bed Goldilocks preferred.


Global Goal 16

Peace, justice and strong institutions.


We voted for a class president and vice president to help with some helper jobs and be effective contributors in the class. We were able to make posters saying vote for and our name. We chose pictures for them and were  confident individuals able to hold then up for all the class to see. We voted using a ballot paper with pictures of everyone on it. We then counted the votes to see who won.


Sungazers POLO Day – outdoor learning

We have been completing lots of great outdoor learning activities for POLO day.  We enjoyed exploring the water wheel for science and playing games with water balloons.  We also had our snack outside and had fun with the parachute and making dens.

POLO Day Activities

*Confident Individuals    *Effective Contributors

We did some activities this week ahead of POLO Day. We painted patterns with water and watered our planter where we are growing onions, potatoes, carrots, strawberries, nasturtiums and sweet peas. Our gladioli bulbs are starting to grow too. We made symmetrical butterfly pictures in anticipation of making a large symmetrical floor pattern today. Today we also made a water wheel (which worked really well!) and created nature’s crowns.

Successful Learners – Literacy skills

The Transition class were working towards the end of Peter Pan this week. They were Successful Learners using their literacy skills to listen to the audio from the digital book and using their fine motor skills to dot paint a picture. This will help them further develop their writing motor skills. We chose to paint Captain Hook, he is our favourite baddy!