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LGBT Purple Day

We had a busy fun day on Friday for Purple day to raise awareness on LGBT.

In the morning we were effective contributors and each class joined up with another class to create a purple activity for everyone to take part in.  Here are some of the activities.

The press up competition was as an added extra that Blake decided to add in.

In the afternoon the secondary department all came together to showcase our learning on LGBT.

Firstly each class paraded around the hall with their LGBT flags.

The Oak boys were confident individuals when standing to present in front of their peers.

Jack and Blake took part in an interview based around their book ‘Tango Makes Three’.  Everyone took part to perform to the song ‘This is Me’ and letting everyone know to be proud of who they are.

Nathan played the bells, Anthony, Jack and Blake played the chimes, Sean was on the tambourine and Cameron sang along using his Makaton signs.

LGBT in the Oak room

This week we are exploring our mini topic about LGBT, we have enjoyed reading our book ‘Tango Makes Three’.  The boys have completed a story board using symbols and words to retell the story.  We have had a good group discussion around the book.

Blake is signing ‘boy’ as our book was about two male penguins.

Jack is signing ‘love’ as our two male penguins fell in love and wanted to have a family.  We discussed that boys can not have babies so our two male penguins adopted a baby penguin to make their family complete.

It was our LGBT assembly this week and all the secondary created a fingerprint love heart to represent our Willowbank secondary community.  We used our fingerprints as this is unique to us and everyone’s fingerprint is different.  We celebrate difference at Willowbank.

The Oak band were confident individuals and played ‘This is Me’ on the chimes and bells to represent be proud of who you are.

Fun last week of term!

A visit from Steven Brown and Harris McCoo for an amazing performance of his new song! We also had a birthday boy, Angus turned 13. What a fantastic day to have a birthday.

Jack and Blake were very confident individuals who performed the Harris McCoo song in front of the whole school.  Very confident with their singing, signing and dancing! Well done boys, very proud of you!

Pizza Party to celebrate winning ‘Class of the Year’ through the Cream of Ayrshire Awards! Pizza then lots of dancing and games to burn off our food!