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UPDATED INFO – Makaton Taster Session for Parents and Carers

SAVE THE DATE – Wednesday 18 September, 2:00 – 3:30

Makaton Taster Session for parents/carers.

A free taster session for parents will be held in school on Wednesday 18 September. You will have the opportunity to learn around 30 signs and symbols as well as finding out what Makaton is and how it can help develop communication skills.

If you are interested in attending, please book in below.

For more info, please call the office on 01563 526115 or email

Click here to book!

Parent Survey

Willowbank School is keen to re-establish a parent group and we are looking for your help.

The parent group is an informal group where parents and/or school staff can meet to discuss supports for families or help with shared issues.  We believe the parent group is an ideal opportunity for parents, carers and families to network, establish relationships and share ideas.  We are keen to involve as many family members as possible and we would really appreciate your input in our planning process.

Please follow the link below to complete our short survey:

Rebound with the Moonbeams FAOL

Hi, can I just apologise for the lack of pictures this time? I have been in Class covering and we are so hands on its really hard to get the pictures. The Moonbeams are at the end of the day when the film is full and won’t take any more. I’ll do my best to blog some soon if possible.

I just wanted to tell you how marvellous it has been working with the Moonbeams and the staff. We have over the years worked on different skills. We keep working to perfect those skills but on top of that the pupils have been very creative in selecting their own order of sequence to perform; how many jumps they like to do of each skill; what kind off rhythm is used in between skills; while staying at the same time focused on a safe performance as much as possible. I am so proud of them all, and thank all staff for making this possible with me.

Rebound and PE with the Snow drops and Swimming/Hydro

Can I just say what a super year it has been working with the pupils and the staff. The progress is subtle but so profound and important. Strength in body’s but also development in communication eye contact and facial expression, simple hand gestures, Makaton signs, voice use. It all happens when we feel good. What a confidence boost !

In Rebound we have worked on flexibility for some, balance in sit, hands and knees, high kneeling and standing.

In PE we have worked on relays as seen at Sports Day. Sitting and standing walking on and over obstacles,  rolling; crawling through the tunnel, working with hoops and hoola as long as we can; using trampette; cylinders and the big ball.

In Swimming and Hydro again we have worked hard and had lots of fun and challenges with great results. All pupils looking forward to come to the Willowbank Pool and having big smiles and motivation to get in has been great to see. Again with the superb staff support it makes for a fantastic learning and working enviroment.