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Rebound with the Moonbeams FAOL

Hi, can I just apologise for the lack of pictures this time? I have been in Class covering and we are so hands on its really hard to get the pictures. The Moonbeams are at the end of the day when the film is full and won’t take any more. I’ll do my best to blog some soon if possible.

I just wanted to tell you how marvellous it has been working with the Moonbeams and the staff. We have over the years worked on different skills. We keep working to perfect those skills but on top of that the pupils have been very creative in selecting their own order of sequence to perform; how many jumps they like to do of each skill; what kind off rhythm is used in between skills; while staying at the same time focused on a safe performance as much as possible. I am so proud of them all, and thank all staff for making this possible with me.

Daisies at Rebound

Levi made a half turn
Trying to get up to stand
Tuck jump
A brilliant star jump
Legs open to practise for star jump
Closed legs
Just after a tuck jump it was very hard to catch the right picture
Doing half turns together
Jessica being popped to standing from sit fase 1
Jessica popped to standing fase 2
True on the cylinder keeping balance right and left
True turning as she is jumping
True on hands and knees
True giving her own twist on hands and feet
Jumping on the bottom
Open and close with partner
Turning half turns with partner
One handed coming from sit to stand being popped
Levi doing tuck jump
Levi just after a very high tuck jump
Building up to sitting and standing popping in sit first