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Christmas Service in Church December 2018

The school has enjoyed a lovely end of term service in Dalbeattie and Kirkgunzeon Parish Church. The Primary 7 pupils performed a play entitled ‘A Super Christmas,’ directed by Mrs Duncan, where some superheroes were rather worried when they thought they would be out of a job due to a ‘new superhero’ coming to the world. Meanwhile, some shepherds had also heard the news and were on the way to find baby Jesus, following a star which the angel had told them to about. On the way, they met the superheroes and all was explained. Eventually, they all found baby Jesus and the superheroes realised they could still have a useful job but that Jesus, as  Saviour of us all, was there to help us all share God’s love and to feel part of his Church.  Mark Smith then shared his message about Christmas with the children before we all sang the songs we had been practising, Child in a Manger and Ding Dong.

A King Is Born Nativity December 2018

Primary 1, 1 /2 and 2 have just performed their successful nativity ‘A King Is Born.’ The action follows some children who are too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve. Their Mum decides to tell them a bed-time story and of course, it’s the story of  ‘The First Christmas’ ever. The mum, played by Katie Dickie, then narrates the story which involves all the well- known figures such as the Shepherds, The Angel Gabriel and a host of angels, The Three Kings, Caesar, Roman Soldiers, Census Takers, Inn keepers and Citizens of Bethlehem  together, of course, with Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and a donkey. The show was performed once in the evening and once in the afternoon to large audiences. Thank you to everyone who came along. We were also pleased to welcome folks along from the Day Centre. We do hope you all enjoyed it! A big thank you to all the staff who helped make it possible and for all the children for learning all their words and new songs and to the parents who helped out with costumes.

End of Term Assembly 2018


Our end of term Assembly was held this year on Thursday 28th June. We were delighted to welcome Jenny and Malcolm Heughan who presented the Heughan Citizenship Awards for the first time.  Also, we were pleased to have Sandy Jamieson, the husband of former Head Teacher Janice Jamieson, join us to present the new Award for Achievement and Effort in Reading.  The new award is a beautiful rose-bowl, engraved with an image of books and lilies, which were Janice’s favourite flower. The trophy was funded by the money raised by the children shortly after Mrs Jamieson, who had been an inspirational Head Teacher, had sadly passed away. The children had taken part in a sponsored fun run, as part of the town’s half Marathon, in order to have a fitting memorial. As the design of the new school was very important to Janice, it was felt the money should be used for something meaningful in our new learning campus. As the library was something very close to Janice’s heart and because this year, we have introduced ‘Accelerated Reader’ to Primary 6 and Primary 7, it was felt a new award for Reading was an obvious and fitting memorial. This year’s winner is Millie Hird and the runners up were Amberly Wallace, Jamie o Mara and Sean Ellis who were also presented with small trophies.

There were many other trophies presented and all the prize winners are listed here:

Babsie Caig Trophy – best role model: Keira Murdock. Alistair Gourlay Trophy: joint winners Isabella Docherty and Cameron Hitchell.  Runners Up: Ella Blaikie, Jessica Boynton, Lucas Tattersfield, Rory MCormick, Emmie Sanderson, Rebecca Hird.  Jenny Corrie Trophy – Poetry: Reegan Finnigan.  Alan Younger Trophy – Art & Craft:  Jessica Bowden.  Lions Club Citizenship: Winner-Alana Pickthall. Runners up: Ennio Murray-Sanchez, Grace McQuarrie, Aimee Ho.  Police Citizenship: Gregor Davidson and  Aaron Bryson. Maureen McShane Trophy – best effort: Kenzie Jolley and Luke Goodfellow. Heughan Trust Awards Overall Winners: Rory McCormick and Jessica Boynton. History Cup: Ewan McFegan and Blair Kalotka. Janice Jamieson Memorial Prize: Millie Hird. Runners up: Sean Ellis, Amberly Wallace, Jamie O’ Mara. Sports Awards 2018: Winning House : Dalmun. The boys’ champion was Joe Arnold with runner up Logan Clive. The girls’ Champion was Nicole Miller with runner up Keira Murdock.   The winner of the 300m boys race was won by Joe Arnold with runner up Jack Palmer.  The 300m girls race was won by Nicole Miller with runner up Grace McQuarrie. The potted Sports shield was won by Dalmun and the House points shield was won by Screel.

Many of the awards were presented by retiring class teacher Janet Burn, who also presented the Primary 7 leavers with their end of primary school gifts. The young people then left the hall and walked over to the High School where they posed for photo on the big box seating- on the High School side!











Primary 7 Leavers

It’s that time of year again when we have to say goodbye, sadly to our Primary 7 leavers. This year, they haven’t far to travel to, in the next part of their journey through school.  First, however, they have treated us all with their special memories of their years in the Nursery and Primary. Based on the ‘Gogglebox’ show, the children created a script which saw several TV programmes acting as the stimulus for lots of varied memories. And what great use they made of some of the school’s new soft seating! Well done Primary 7! We are sorry to see you go but you won’t be far away…..





Heughan Hall Naming Ceremony

On Tuesday 26th June, the Heughan Hall was officially opened. William Heughan, born 1886, is a former pupil of our school who became a world renowned opera singer. When he died at the age of 78, he had already set up the William Heughan Associated Special Trust (WHAST) to remember his beloved home town of Dalbeattie and to benefit the people therein. The fund still exists today and it is thanks to the vision of the current trustees, that a significant amount of money is being given, annually to Dalbeattie Learning Campus, to encourage musical activities. Recently, a William Heughan Choir has been established, led by Musical Director Kate Howard. This project is funded by the William Heughan Associated Special Trust and its trustees Malcolm and Jenny Heughan were present at the ceremony where we heard the newly formed choir perform for the first time to an audience of family, friends and invited guests. The event took the form of a few songs from the William Heughan Choir, some musical contributions from some of the school’s older pupils and a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the hall and to present the installation of new information storyboards about William Heughan. Malcolm and Jenny performed the actual cutting. After the ceremony, the choir and invited guests were treated to refreshments prepared and provided by the Hospitality Department of the High School.














Scottish Opera

Dalbeattie Primary was treated to a true delight this week- a visit from Scottish opera who worked with Primary 6 and 7 pupils to perform ‘The Dragon of the Western Sea.’

The opera is inspired by the true story of the fantastic voyages of  Chinese Admiral Zheng He – leader of a vast fleet of gigantic ships which set out to explore the coastal territories and islands along the western seaboard of Asia in the early part of the fourteenth century. These epic adventures took the travellers from the rainforests of Indonesia to the west coast of India and far beyond to the gulf of Arabia and the grasslands of  Africa in search of trade, treaties and treasure as well as to spread amongst these nations of the glory and power of the Empire of China.

We are very grateful to Kate Picken who organised this for us during the week that Scottish Opera were visiting the area as part of Creative Scotland YMI funded week in D&G.










Eco Group plants Commemorative Flowerbed in Colliston park

The Eco group recently went to Colliston Park to plant red, white and blue flowers to create a special bed to commemorate the Armed Forces in the year we mark the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1. Thanks to Margaret Copp for organising the plants. We do hope the design comes into flower according to the design!



Outdoor Learning in the Upper School

Mrs Graham’s P6/7 maths group ventured outside in the sunshine today to learn all about angles. We created acute, obtuse, right, reflex and straight line angles from shadows our bodies made. We also drew pictures and made group models , finding the angles throughout . Using the cameras , we photographed as many different and unusual angles as we could . Photos to follow!