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Heughan Hall Naming Ceremony

On Tuesday 26th June, the Heughan Hall was officially opened. William Heughan, born 1886, is a former pupil of our school who became a world renowned opera singer. When he died at the age of 78, he had already set up the William Heughan Associated Special Trust (WHAST) to remember his beloved home town of Dalbeattie and to benefit the people therein. The fund still exists today and it is thanks to the vision of the current trustees, that a significant amount of money is being given, annually to Dalbeattie Learning Campus, to encourage musical activities. Recently, a William Heughan Choir has been established, led by Musical Director Kate Howard. This project is funded by the William Heughan Associated Special Trust and its trustees Malcolm and Jenny Heughan were present at the ceremony where we heard the newly formed choir perform for the first time to an audience of family, friends and invited guests. The event took the form of a few songs from the William Heughan Choir, some musical contributions from some of the school’s older pupils and a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the hall and to present the installation of new information storyboards about William Heughan. Malcolm and Jenny performed the actual cutting. After the ceremony, the choir and invited guests were treated to refreshments prepared and provided by the Hospitality Department of the High School.