Nursery Fire Station Visit

This week the Nursery visited the fire station as a conclusion to our emergency services topic.  We enjoyed a chilly but, thankfully, dry walk through the park to the fire station.  We got to look at all the equipment that the fire engine carries; we couldn’t believe that it carries 20 hoses!  We got to sit in the fire engine, it was quite loud inside, and we saw the flashing lights and heard the siren!  Some of us used a hose to knock a bucket off a cone, it was VERY powerful.  Others tried on the firefighter’s equipment including wellies, leggings, coat and helmet.  The firefighters told us that they need at least four people to operate the fire engine but ideally have six.  Now we have some budding firefighters in the Nursery!

Thank you very much to all the parents and grandparents that came with us, as always we really appreciate your help.

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