Stirling University

img_1346On Thursday 15th September p6/7 from all the schools from Islay and Jura went to Stirling University and while we were there we got to dissect fish. When we were dissecting  the fish I was working with Rowan and we were testing to check the bacteria in the kidney but first me and Rowan had to push away a bubble that was protecting the kidney. After we pushed away the bubble we stuck a plastic stick in the kidney to get a sample of blood to rub it on a petri plate so that when they take it out a warm fridge they would be able to see the bacteria that was in  the fish’s kidney. After we dissected the fish we did a quiz that had nine questions in it and me and Rowan got 7 questions correct and two questions incorrect. When we got back outside we all got tour of the university and we even got to see what the rooms would look like.  After the tour we headed back to the youth hostel.

By Rebecca Morris

Swimming Competition

On the 8th of September Struan and other people from Islay High School went on a swimming trip with the Dolphins to the Argyll and Clyde competition.  There were five swimming teams there including Dolphins.  Struan beat all his PB apart from his back stroke.  The highest place he got was in breaststroke which he got 5th, the person who 6th was about 7 seconds behind. It was his first time doing 200 meter IM which means you do all the stokes two times including butterfly.  He got 15th that.  It was fun.



P6/7 Trip To Stirling Castle

img_1317On Wednesday the 14th of September, P6/7 from all the schools on Islay and Jura went to Stirling Castle. We had to walk up a small hill just to get to the castle. When we got up to the castle we had to go into the middle of the courtyard. Then we got told by a tour guide just to go up to the main hall and wait until the woman came and told us to follow her and then we went into the grand hall. We were told that the grand hall was used for when the king was having his dinner. It was also used for dancing and it was used for the servants to sleep in. Then the woman took us over to the palace. The palace had two rooms in it. One room held all the people that the king had requested to meet. But the king only picked some of the people to meet in the other room. If you were very special you got to meet in his bedroom. The queen had the same thing two rooms and a bedroom. Then we got to go into a room when we got to dress up as characters from Mary queen of Scots times and Robert the Bruce. Then we went back to the bus and we drove off to the Bannockburn centre

By Ruaraidh Macdonald


Blair Drummond Safari Park

Most of P6/7 from Islay and Jura went on the Stirling trip on the 13th till the 16th of September.

img_1183One of my favourite parts was going to Blair Drummond Safari Park so that’s what I’m writing about today.

Me and my group  (Mrs Mactaggert, Anna, Lorne, Ewan, Toby, Daisy, Ryan and Sam) started of at at the Elephant (Mandy) and it was very interesting then we went into the Rhino section. Bruce the Rhino’s Mum Dot was pregnant with her fourth calf. We also looked at giraffes  but they were quite boring because they were just standing there.  After that we went to look at the lions and we saw a male lion eating a calf. We then headed to the horses and the two tigers after we got to go see penguins, meerkats and sea lions. Next we went to the park and played with the amazing, gigantic wooden castle. Soon after we drove through the open space where all of the animals were in the bus. My favourite animal I saw in the bus was the zebra then sadly after we had to leave to get to the ferry.

By Eva Munro

Bowling Fun At Stirling

img_1083After a long day on the bus we got to the youth hostel had our dinner and back on the bus,  but this time we went to go to the AMF bowling.

We got into our groups and set up the TV which tells us who goes next but sadly I had  had to go last. In my group from Port Ellen it was only me and Darren. I was the only one that got a strike in my group, I was so excited. We kept on going and when we finished the game it took me quite a while for me to realize that I had won!! Seconds later Anna from Bowmore came running over to me and said I had to write my name on the winners board. But then the time had come for us to get back on the bus to go back to the Youth Hostel.

Stirling Castle

img_1329When P6/7 were in Stirling we went to go and see Stirling Castle and when we got there it was like wasp heaven, there were wasps everywhere. When we went into the castle we went to these wee rooms and we went in for about five minutes in the rooms. There was one that was very fun it was like a dressing up room I was dressed up like a queen. Then we went into the Kings room and it was all empty the reason that it was empty because the King did not get to live in the castle he died when it was just about finished. Then we went into the Queens room and then we met two men and one of the men were talking to us about the castle and the other one was playing a lute. After that we went into the outer room and people went in there to speak to the King after we went into the inner room only the important people got to go  in there. After we had been through all of the rooms we went to the learning room and we had to get changed into a dress and we had to tell if we were in Mary Queen of Scot’s times or her fathers times and I was in Mary Queen of Scot’s fathers times and then after that we had our lunch. Then, sadly we had to leave.  I really enjoyed Stirling Castle and I would really want to go back.

My Learning

Once Primary 6\7 were away on the Stirling trip the P5s did some independent work. On the first day we had Mr Shakespere for music.We  were creating music that the people that were making in Mesolithic Times without the instruments we have now. It was my first time ever using Garage Band and I was muddled. My first bit of music was stuff with a rock. I was tapping and scraping with them to make loads of music. Then I put all of the bits of music together and looped, then cut the bits with mistakes. After that I made another bit of music with wood. There was banging against other materials like leather. Then we got our work marked by Mr Shakespere and mine was fine.


P6/7 Stirling Trip Wallace Monument.

On Tuesday the 13th September, P6/7 of Port Ellen School went to the Wallace Monument to have a look at it. It was a very steep walk up to it. When we got up to it, we saw nearly the whole of Stirling because it was so high up! When we looked around we saw how massive it was. I thought that it would just be a statue of William Wallace. But it actually was a large tower with William Wallace near the top. I thought that was amazing that such a massive tower was created for the honor of William Wallace. I thought that the Wallace Monument was an amazing thing to go and see and I hope to go there again sometime with my family to go inside it to see what is in there.

By Kaya Middleton.



img_1092P6/7 of every school from Islay and Jura went on a stirling trip. On the first day of being in Stirling they went to Stirling castle and Bannockburn. We visited Bannockburn because a famous battle happened there. The battle was between King Edward the second of England and Robert the Bruce. Robert the Bruce defeated King Edward the second. We visited the site of the battle and stood in the same spot that Robert the Bruce had put his sword through a rock. We found out a lot about the battle like it took place on the 23rd june 1314, it was Robert the Bruce against King Edward the second of England. There was a 3D place where we had to wear 3D glasses, the glasses made the battle look realistic. It was actually just a screen with videos of what the battle would have looked like. I stood in front of an arrow as it was being shot and it went through my head. I also got shot in the arm and the leg. There was also famous people from the battle from the English side and the Scottish side. To work the people you would stand on a grey metal plate that was in front of them then they would start talking to you. Then you could wave your hand and find out more information like where they lived, what weapons they used and who they were. After that we played a battle game where we all got split into two teams and had to fight against each other. One team was the Scottish and one team was the English. We would take it in turns and if we were an archer we could shoot move or attack. The English were trying to reach Stirling castle and the Scottish had to stop them. I was in the Scottish team and the Scottish team won. We had a great time and hope to visit again.