In class today we were learning about partitioning and how it can make sums easier. For example 56 + 64 becomes 50 + 60 = 110 then do 6 + 4 = 10 All together that would be 120.

Talking And Listening Maths On The Computer

We went on to the computers to do talking and listening active maths the games we played place value and number detective. Some tips for the place value game is to look at the units and make sure it is the same units then add on the right amount of tens. For the detective game you have to use the right questions, for example is it odd or even were the best to ask because they got rid of a lot of numbers. We enjoyed it.
By Robbie and Asher

World Maths Day in P1/2

P1/2 have been very busy celebrating world maths day. We started the day with a mental maths quiz then we got into groups to work on different maths activities.

We were doing direction work with Beebot. Ellie

We were on the computer playing the world maths day game. Eva

We were trying out different maths games like matching times up and dominoes. Matthew

We played a money game. Taylor

We played a new beebot game on the computer. Kaitlyn

We had a shop to play in. Natalie

We were making up 100 squares and colouring in different tens and units numbers.Kaya

We did lots of clock activities on the promethian board. Ruaraidh

We gave each other directions to move on the roamer mat. Natalie

Number sequences

On Monday 26th Feb we did number sequences here is an example 1,5,9,…,17,…,25. If you work it out here is a harder one 0,…,18,27,36,… if you worked it out could you please write a comment saying the missing numbers.

By David


We have been doing number sequences we stated them on 26th of February. We have also been doing fractions. And we have hard maths up to 1000. And we have been doing
lots of maths

By Nick

World Maths 2011

On the 1st of March 2011 it was World Maths Day. Everyone at Port Ellen Primary took part , we challenged children from all over  the World on the World Maths Day website.  At the end the best pupil and with the highest score was Reece Bowman with a grand total of 558.  You could get anyone from any part of the world you could get someone from China , Japan , Hong Kong or even Hungary and maybe if you were lucky you could get one of your friends. I once got My friend Helen and Emily and Maisie and Reece. My total was 273 but I could of done better.

By Ruby Miller(P5)

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