Scottish Maths Challenge Success!

Every year Mrs Clark’s class take part in the Scottish Maths Challenge, a competition where you have to complete tricky maths problems that require you to think outside the box.  It is a great way to improve your maths problem solving skills and learn to apply strategies to help you work out the answers.  Children can opt to take part in the challenges, and there are three sets of questions over the year. One of the questions this year was:

Colin and Tom are on a camping holiday and, at their campsite, they make friends with Fiona. They ask her when her birthday is but, being a bit of a joker, Fiona tells them only that it is one of the following;

May 14, July 12, May 15, May 18, June 16, June 19, July 15, August 12, August 14, August 16.

She then tells Colin the month of her birthday, but not the day in the month, whilst she tells Tom the day in the month, but not the month.

Immediately, Colin Declares “Well Tom certainly cannot know for sure when Fiona’s birthday is.”
to which Tom replies “Ah, but now I do.” “And now I know when it is as well,” comes back Colin.

When is Fiona’s birthday? Explain your reasoning.

Quite tricky!

The children who took part have been very successful and should be proud of their perseverance and skills.  Ellie and Matthew have achieved a bronze medal and Eva, Ruaraidh, Rowan, Rebecca and Kaitlyn achieved a silver medal in the competition.  Kaitlyn and Rebecca missed out on the gold by one point!  Well done everyone.


This week p5/6/7 have started on their  topic space. We have learnt about our solar system and that Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. We know that here is a moon or two around a planet and there is also 8 planets in our solar system. We can’t wait to learn more!

We also made constellations from spaghetti and marshmallows.  Here is a Chatterpix of the constellation Cancer:

Our Solar System

learning_points_the_solar_system-01For our topic we have been working on the solar system. So far we have learned what is the closest planet to the sun which is Mercury. In school we have been working on the eight planets they are all surrounding the sun.

We have also been learning about the rocky and the giant planets. We are going to tell you about the rocky planets. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Now we are going to tell you about the giant planets. They are Saturn, Jupiter , Uranus and Neptune. Neptune is the furthest away from the sun it is 4.5 billion km away. Neptune has 165 years to complete orbit.  We are learning lots.


Book Review

indexIn September P567 started reciprocal reading groups.  My group was Joe,Eva and Kaya we were reading Vivian French’s book The Robe Of Skulls.  It was about a lady called Lady  Lamorna and she was a woman who was buying a dress with skulls on it.  She did not have enough money to buy it so she grabbed her assistant Gubble, he is a troll.  She told him to get two donkeys for a journey for getting gold from castles. Eventually they introduce a girl who gets locked in a basement because of her step father Mange.  Gracie’s mother had died so she lived her whole life also with her step sister except the whole story changes.  They go on a quest and everyone has fun.  I enjoyed reading this horror style fairytale.


Learning About Rivers

P1000808At school we learned about rivers for our water topic and near the end we decided to work in our groups to make something to show our learning so we went into our groups and made things to show our learning.

One group made an animation and a small poster while another made a dance to show stages of the river and the the third did experiments to see if water can clear away sand, soil and gravel and the last made a clay mountain model to show how a river would flood and knock over small houses.

By Torin

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