Phoenix’s Endeavor Project

What is Endeavor? 

Endeavor is when you pick a project for yourself to do over a certain period of time that we get and in school we do endeavor on a Friday afternoon and sometimes the whole day. 

What is my Endeavor

My endeavor is 2d animation I pick this topic because I have tried it once and I want to do it for a project long term over a couple months.  

What have I done so far

We are almost done with endeavor so I have done mostly done everything. I have done a poster, a quiz, a website and a animation.

What I found challenging in my Endeavor

What I found challenging was It took a lot of time drawing each frame of my animation also when I finished my animation some of my animation I deleted by accident so I had to do that.





World Book Day Task What 3 Presents would You Give To The Main Character

My book is the first aid for fairy’s collection and Helen is the main character.

The first present i would give to Helen is a new fiddle because all she wants to do with her life is play music she already has a fiddle but it is old.

The second present I would give her is a new first aid kit because she likes to help her friends get better and heal them so she gets called the healers child.

The last present i would give is a a secret spy house so she could hatch plans and figure out how to save people in trouble.

I really  recommend this book and think you should try out the collection and i’m pretty sure Helen would love these presents.

This is the collection of books go check them out.

Primary 6/7 captains.

The day we came to school we got told that we could go for captains and vice captains. We had to make a speech about how we are helpful and encouraging and also Ambitious. The whole school is split into 3 houses Nave, Texa and Orsay and you can be voted as captain in your house.  You have to be nominated by 2 people first and be in P67.

On the wild day of captain speeches all the people from each house said their speech in fount of their house. After every one had said their successful speech we had a break and then we voted.

We voted by going into a room and picking a person out of the people in your colour  house on a voting slip, a ballot paper. You can only vote once but you can vote for yourself.

And finally at the end of the day Mrs Macdonald announced who had won and who is captain and vice captain. I was so nervous running for captain because I really wanted to get something and I did; captain of Nave !!!  My vice captains are Rhuraidh adn Aiden.  For Orsay the Captain is Drew and the vice captains are Charlet and Dearbhla.  For Texa the captain is Millie and the vice captains  Scott and Orla.

by Harmoni

Scottish Math Challenge

Every year every school in Scotland has an option to participate in the Scottish math challenge spread across the months there is three sets of questions some being harder than others. There are three rewards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. to earn these rewards you need points. Points are collected by getting correct answers and good working out.

In Port Ellen the previous record in the school was one point of gold (set by my sister) but this year I bet that record with getting a gold then i got to go away to get the award.

That means this year had to go away to Glasgow university, we got lost a few times in the car park finding the university and any where else we went.

The awards where great they would pull up a schools name on the board then the students from the school came down but of course there was a math challenge it was pretty easy though. The presenter also pulled up on the board funny answers to the questions that included people who drew or wrote funny things. He even had a little segment where you had to guess where Islay was. I went up got my award got a envelope holding all the bronzes from my school got my mug and sat down.

It was a fun experience and I enjoyed it mostly.



Plastics in the ocean.

We used storyline during our turning the tide on plastic topic. Claire Bryden visited us while we were writing an imaginative story about an incident in Hawaii. And I enjoyed it this is my story.

The Disaster
Such an ordinary day the sun shining and everyone having a jolly time. I was sitting down getting my flippers and tank on to go diving. The sea was as sparkly as my diamond ring.
I was just about to jump in but suddenly a crowd of tourists flooded in saying “There’s a dead dolphin on the beach…” I stopped what I was doing threw my tank on the black velvet sofa and sprinted as fast as Usain Bolt. I crossed the road to Kailua beach and saw a baby dolphin washed up on the beach. I got some cones and rope to put around the baby. I done the check list around the dolphin. I carefully flipped the dolphin on to its tummy and dug little holes for its flippers because they aren’t used to be on land also holding below the blow hole for 20 minutes because they can hold their breath for ages. As soon as 20 minutes were finished the dolphin was breathing!!! I put wet towels over its back and a giant beach umbrella to keep it damp and not to dry out. When I finished I ran back to the happy hump back centre to get the others. I came back with the vet and the waitress to help me lift it to the centre.
When we finally got the dolphin to the centre the vet did a check up on it. She said the dolphin was ok but needed injections to help it breathe and get stronger. I put it in a tank and named it Rosa. 7 days later the dolphin was great but still needed a few more doses to be able to defend its self in the wild. Finally 1 week later I let her free. “After all that I finally got to go diving” I said and I saw her having the time of her life dancing flipping and playing !!! 

by Harmoni


P7 Trip to High-School

On Wednesday 13th March, All the P7’s from Islay went to the High-School for a science day. There were three classes split up between all the P7’s. Mr Harrison’s class: chemistry. Mrs Moran: biology. Mr kitchen: Science.

In chemistry we had flasks with acid water stuff and different liquids and mixed them, we timed them the more high concentrated liquid the faster it changed colour. At the end there was a big glass vase with water and when we mix it it changed colour.

In Science we used Bunson Burners we connected them to a pipe then turned on the gas and fire came out. We got cabbage and water and put them on top of the Bunson Burners and got the dye and added it to other colours to mix.

In Biology we got taught about algae and made little green balls of algae  and put them in the dark and the light. where they grew the ones in the light grew and the ones in the dark didn’t

over all we all enjoyed it and can’t wait to go to highschool.

Easter Egg Competition

On Thursday 28th March there was an egg competition for all members of the school including the nursery. Lot’s of people decorated their eggs with faces, patterns e.t.c and took them in. After first break the entire school went down to the hall where the eggs would get judged. All of the eggs were beautifully decorated and looked amazing and it showed how much time and effort was put into the designs of the eggs.

  • In pre5 Robbie won.
  • In p1 Alfie won.
  • In p2 Hugh won.
  • In p3 Chloe won.
  • In p4 Maya won.
  • In p5 Phoenix won.
  • In p6 Caitidh won.
  • In p7 Aidan won.

Every one of the winners was given a lovely big Easter egg that looked delicious. The winners were given 100 points each that were then given to their house. Everyone that participated in making an egg was given a little creme egg and 20 points for their house. Overall Orsay placed 3rd, Texa 2nd and Nave first with over 700 POINTS!

Well done to everyone who competed in the competition and took part!!

About Islay – A digital book

As part of our whole school project on marine litter, P1/2/3 are reaching out to other schools near the sea to find out if they find lots of plastic on their beaches too.  Here is their digital book all about Islay.  We hope that you enjoy watching it and see how lovely our island is.  Please comment and let us know if you have what you can find on the beaches near your school.  Thank you, P1/2/3

Eco Committee

This year we have got 8 Eco monitors in our committee. We have a chairperson and 4 other groups which are:

1 Chair person – Charlie

2 Litter – Mara Rhuraidh and Evie,

3 Global – Katie, Callie, Mya,

4 Biodiversty – Caitidh, Alexander,

5 – The Nursery – Findlay and Neil.

We last had a meeting on the 24.1.19. That meeting was just the Managers and Mrs Harrison to discuss what we were going to do. Charlie has just done a PowerPoint to tell all the children and adults to remember the Eco Code.

Port Ellen Juniors FC

Port Ellen Juniors is a grassroots team that anyone from the age of 4-15 can join. Every Sunday there is a training session for everyone in the team, so that we can get good enough to travel away to the main land and challenge other team’s.

Near the end of November the entire club went away to Bowmore to go and play on the twin-track, in the swimming pool, at the swimming pool everyone was racing each other across the twin track and trying to push each other off or pull someone into the water. It as fun.

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