P2/3’s Trip To The Dump!

On Wednesday 20th of November p2/3 went on a trip to the dump.  I have interviewed p2/3 on what they were doing at the dump and why. They had been looking for rubbish to build their iron man made out of all kinds of stuff. They had told me there was a red machine which gathers junk and a grey machine that squashes junk. And then the junk was turned into boxes. They had also said that their was a Telly Tubbie hill at the dump. They also went in a huge big shed where they keep lots of stuff and they also saw the dump truck. They also told me that the was a big landfill where all the junk goes. And P2/3 said it was really fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      By Nicholas and Torin

Fiddle Music Exam

On Friday 15th November I set my grade 2 Fiddle exam. When I entered the Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland, which was where I would be sitting my exam, my heart began to race and I became very nervous. When it was my turn for the exam I felt more confident because of the practice I had beforehand. I was asked to play my tunes and then my scales and arpeggios which I thought went very well. Then I was asked to do my ear test which was nerve racking however I was not able to sing back the tune but I knew I still did very well.

By Abbie

World of Work Day

On Thursday 31st of October P4/5 and P6/7 had a fun afternoon because  P4/5 had been learning about jobs and what skills you need for certain jobs. We buddied up with the Primary fours and fives and we went down to the hall where we met lots of different people and they all had different jobs. We all asked different questions, I was buddied up with Ronan and our question was, what skills do you need for this job? Afterwards we went up to the cafeteria for a little cake!

By Emily P6

Multi Sports Day

On the 24th May, it was our annual multi sports day when all primary 5’s to 7’s all got together to do some sports.  There was shinty, netball, golf, rounders, football and rugby.  I enjoyed it because I got an idea of the different choices of sport you get, and who you will be going into high school with. Brandon and Milly from the high school came down to help us with the different sports!  You got half an hour at each sport and you got just under an hour to eat your lunch!

We all got put into groups of 15-20, my group was Lindsey, David, Eilidh, Elinor, Elizabeth, Isla, Rauridh, William, Torin, Chloe and David.  I thought that netball was the best because it is a sport I have never tried before!

The day was good fun and I think everyone enjoyed it!

By Maisie

P6/7 Trip To Stirling

On Tuesday the 4th of May the primary 6/7s from Islay and Jura went to Stirling for 4 days. We left on the ferry and then got the bus at Kennacraig, we only stopped once on the way in Inverarey.  When we arrived we went straight to the hostel before going bowling then we went back to the hostel for dinner. The next day we went to the Wallace Monument in the morning  we then went to the university to do dissect some fish, we then went to the cinema to watch All Stars.  On the Thursday we went to the Falkirk Wheel and got a boat ride from the bottom of the wheel up it then through the Rough Castle tunnel we then turned around and went back down. We went to Stirling castle after we had been to the wheel we walked around the castle speaking to actor/tour guides as we went we then went to the gift shop before going to Jimmy Chungs Chinese restaurant for dinner. On the last day we went shopping in the Thistles shopping centre before going to Stirling bridge before getting back on the bus we stopped at Duck Bay Marina to play about and eat lunch we then stopped again in Inverarey to go to the jail, finally we arrived in Kennacraig ready to go home.

Burns Ceilidh

On the 25th January it was Robert Burns day so Port Ellen Primary School had their annual Burns Ceilidh.  Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet.  Every child learnt a  poem six children got through to the final were two judges would judge them .  This is all the people who got !st .

Liam Campbell-p7 Maisie Logan-p6 Abbie Morris- p5 Ross Thompson-p4  Natalie Logan-p3 Rebbecca Morris-p2 Ciaran Middleton-p1.

Every one who won had to say their poem at the ceilidh. At the ceilidh everyone done some Scottish Country Dancing while Neil played the accordion.  Some children in the school played  Scottish musical instruments.  Eilidh was on the accordion;Abbie on the fiddle;Maisie and Ruby on the tin whistle.  We didn’t only have people doing musical solos we also had highland dancers. You can listen to p7s poem (A mans a man for a that) at the bottom.

a mans a man

Friday Fun Club

On Friday the 2nd of November it was Friday Fun Club and at Friday Fun Club we danced, sang, did arts and crafts and we watched a video, the video was about a blind man who was sitting on the grass, meanwhile Jesus was leading the people past the old man. The man heard the people talking about how Jesus was leading the people somewhere, so he said “Please have mercy on me!” 3 times, the people were embarrassed so they walked away, but Jesus heard his call and sent two of the people to go and bring the blind man to him, the people went and brought him to Jesus, Jesus touched the mans eyes and he could see!


On the 1st October Port Ellen were learning with the Scottish Ballet.  They where really good and they were fantastic ballet teachers, if only they could come all the time. We were making up our own  dance and we did it in a pair after we did warm ups.   We acted the mice from the Nutcracker ballet and the mice had umbrellas.  Robert taught us how to do cool moves and it was fun to make moves like we were fighting, we had to use all different techniques.  There was also a really good musician.  It was hard work and lots of fun, and Calum said he thought it was much better than expected!

By Helen and Alicia

What P2/3/4 Have Explored

Eva- I really enjoyed reading Hamish MacHaggis books and she loved making up stories.

Abi- My favorite thing this week was learning Hamish MacHaggis songs,

Sophie- I liked writing imaginary stories, mine as about seals

Taylor-Making the car called the Willie Bang out of Hamish MacHaggis

Ross- Making Hamish MacHaggis stories mine was about Hamish going to Ardbeg Distillery

Struan-Learning my 2 times table I used a numberline.
everyone has enjoyed their week in p3/4

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