Multi Sports Day

On the 24th May, it was our annual multi sports day when all primary 5’s to 7’s all got together to do some sports.  There was shinty, netball, golf, rounders, football and rugby.  I enjoyed it because I got an idea of the different choices of sport you get, and who you will be going into high school with. Brandon and Milly from the high school came down to help us with the different sports!  You got half an hour at each sport and you got just under an hour to eat your lunch!

We all got put into groups of 15-20, my group was Lindsey, David, Eilidh, Elinor, Elizabeth, Isla, Rauridh, William, Torin, Chloe and David.  I thought that netball was the best because it is a sport I have never tried before!

The day was good fun and I think everyone enjoyed it!

By Maisie

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