Book Fair

Last Monday we started the book fair and there was lots of  different books for different aged people. We had a target it was to reach up to £4oo to get free books for the school, but Mrs MacDonald said that we nearly reached our target we raised £378. 81. Yesterday and today we had the stationary box, that is when you get things out the box like pencils, rubbers, sharpens and rulers. So this Friday we will know how much we raised by Mrs MacDonald. There is lots of fun books to read at the book fair.

By Ciara.  🙂

Vivian French Visits Port Ellen Primary School

On the 1st November an Author called Vivian French came to Port Ellen Primary School to tell us what it is like to be an author.  At the begining of the afternoon Vivian said that we were all authors and it was a really kind thing to do.  At the end she signed two bookes for us.  If you want to read a good book I suggest The Robe Of Skulls.

By Maisie

Allan Burnett at Port Ellen Primary School

Allan Burnett was at Port Ellen primary school and he was talking to us about his history books.  These are some of his books Columba,  Wiliam Wallace, Mary Queen of Scots, Bonnie Prince Charlie,  Rob Roy,  Robert Burns,  Robert the Bruce and Invented in Scotland.  Oliver dressed up as Columba and looked like Darth Vada.  It was great fun!