Multi Sports Day

On the 24th May, it was our annual multi sports day when all primary 5’s to 7’s all got together to do some sports.  There was shinty, netball, golf, rounders, football and rugby.  I enjoyed it because I got an idea of the different choices of sport you get, and who you will be going into high school with. Brandon and Milly from the high school came down to help us with the different sports!  You got half an hour at each sport and you got just under an hour to eat your lunch!

We all got put into groups of 15-20, my group was Lindsey, David, Eilidh, Elinor, Elizabeth, Isla, Rauridh, William, Torin, Chloe and David.  I thought that netball was the best because it is a sport I have never tried before!

The day was good fun and I think everyone enjoyed it!

By Maisie

Euan The Shinty Developer

On Monday 20th May, a group of 5-7s went to a Shinty developer to see if we were good enough to go to the tournament in Fort William and I think we got through. I really enjoyed it. We did different types of drills; passing drill, shooting and speed it was fun. We had a tiny break then we started to play a game at the very end and we had a massive game and it was 8 minutes a half. The developer said I was really good at dribbling with both sides of the stick. The best thing was the different drills i feel so much confident than I was before about Shinty. I have learned  how you hold your stick in the ready position. In one of the drills we hold the stick on the ready position and the hit the ball on one of the sides. It was awesome but it was wooden sticks so if you hit someone in the shins it would really hurt badly.

Primary 5 Learning

Primary 5 have been doing a lot of maths in fact I think they are math experts, they have been doing a lot of work on their times tables and place value.  For homework they have been getting sudoku for fun. In Spelling they have been doing the normal Nelson spelling textbook(plurals).   For PE they have had Brandon Freeman in as a sports ambassador from High School to teach different skills and basketball. They have had Mrs Macdonald in for gaelic to teach numbers up to 20 and items in the class room. For art they had Mrs Onions who tought them how to change a spring picture into a autumn picture.For Music most of them have taken up an musical instrument and received them today.  Their class room has now became a secret agent HQ as they have designed their own gadgets and wrote about them.

By Eilidh Mcmillan and Ruby Miller


On Wednesday afternoon P4 to P7 played netball.   I really enjoyed playing netball.  Orsay scored 21 goals, Texa scored 20 goals Nave scored 19 goals.  I am in Texa I came in second place.

By David