This year p6/7 are going to be doing an Endeavour project.  An Endeavour project is when you chose a topic that your interested in and do a longer version of a personal topic on it.  You have from October till the end of June to complete it.  Last year everyone picked something slightly different and worked to aim their personal goal everyday.

The different projects in our class are Cooking food from around the world, Japan, Sewing a quilt, Survival skills, Chicken farm, Celebration cakes, Volcanoes, Beauty therapy, Horse riding instructor, Writing a book, Climate change, Growing Vegetables, Puppets, Video games, Fitness and diet, Traditional singing and Exploration survival.

Everyday you have to fill out  record sheet to record everything you’ve done and everything you need to do.

By Maisie

The Selfish Giant Skills

We are doing play called the Selfish Giant we had to learn some skills and this involves,

. learning your words of by heart/songs
.Use movement to tell the story
.acttions for your lines so its more real

By Abbie

The Selfish Giant

P4/5 are doing the Easter play. The play is called the Selfish Giant,I am called Bob in it. It is very hard to remember all my lines but I try my best. My favorite seen is scene one.

Selfish Giant

This Easter p4/5 are doing a play on the selfish giant some acting skills are:
1.good expression
2.follow stage directions
3.good memory for the script
4.don’t rush your words
5.remember when you go on stage

Selfish Giant (skills)

1. You will need a good memory for the script.
2. Speak loud.
3. Either be very tall for a giant or have building skills.
4. Follow stage directions
5. Don’t speak too fast.
6. Know which side to go onto the stage.
7. Have the right props
8. Have enough people for all the characters.
9. You will need to practice.
10. Speak clearly.

The Selfish Giant

It is our classes turn to do the Easter assembly we are doing it on the Selfish Giant I am Flora the brainy box. Our play  is this Thursday I am very very excited!!! We have made a giant out of a chair we have a voice for the giant and a puppeteer. We all wrote at least one line in the play. We have had to think about how much time we have to get everything ready. We have made lots of things we have brought in costumes from our houses we are all very excited.

By Emily Mackie P4

The organisation of The Selfish Giant

Hello again,

P4/5 are doing a play named The Selfish Giant, which is adapted from a short story by Oscar Wilde. In another blog I have written about the cast but now I am going to give you more details about the play.

Firstly, we had to write the script so we all wrote a different part of the story. Then we put it all together. Our teacher, Mrs. Clark, added a few more lines and jokes, so everyone in the class has a part.

The next stage of our task was to design costumes. We had some from pantomimes we have done in the past and also we brought clothes from home.

The third thing we had to do was very hard. We had to make the giant and he was going to be a very big puppet.  There were two people controlling him, one for moving him, and the other for his voice. By the end of Thursday he was nearly completed. We just needed to put the head on. But Mrs. Clark put it on that evening and it stunned us all when we walked into the classroom on Friday morning.

In the story there is a scene set in Winter and two scenes set in Spring. To change the seasons some of us got two gigantic pieces of paper. One side was white to show it was Winter, and on the other we painted a spring scene. On Thursday we watched two ‘How To’ videos, one to show how to draw a tree in spring and the other of a tree in winter. Everyone’s tree was very good, but we had a vote to choose the best three from each season. The children whose spring trees were chosen were Abbie, Robbie and David, and the winter ones were Ciara, Maisie and me(Harry).

We also have some songs and even dances. Here they are in order. Firstly ‘Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64?’ which is a song by the Beatles. Then ‘Can’t Touch This’ which has a dance to it. After that the Spring does a dance with a bird which does not last for very long. Then the Snow, Frost and Hail do a ballet, which changes into a different dance called ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ and the North Wind joins in too. The final song is ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’.

I hope The Selfish Giant will be a great success. And thanks to Mrs. Clark for directing it and Oscar Wilde for writing the story.


Martin Rae, a coach from the Scottish Football Association, visited Port Ellen Primary on  3rd December.  He came to train us  and tell us how to not get mad if the other team wins.  We were dribbling and passing the ball, and we played a game where there are two defenders and there are strikers, and the defenders have to get the ball and touch it.  You then had to put the ball up over your head and stick your feet out, and another person kicked a ball through your legs and said nutmeg to let you go free.  We went in to teams and played a game of football.  Robbie scored a hat trick and then he won a ball for the school.  It was great fun and I hope he comes back again.
By James