Our Viking Topic

In our Viking topic that was in September we went to Finlaggan which was a Viking place because there is the hall that the Vikings went there to visit.  Then we made little Viking boats and made shields for the name of our table and we made a power point and made viking food and made our own home made butter and had a viking day. We had other schools coming that were learning about the Vikings. We had a computer and you typed your name and you got a Viking name my one was called Tofa the Smelly.

By Ciara.

The Death Bird

A bird with the cold blood splatter on its wing tips
The blood of million men, the greatest warriors, slaughtered,
Still people battle the ancient beast,
It speaks with many voices,
But it always speaks of death.

A Viking Poem By Oliver P4


Today we were visited by port Charlotte and Keills school because we were having a visit from Kilmartin Museum.  We were doing woodworking, viking food, weaving and spinning, runes on clay and Viking music.  We were were chopping wood with an axe and turning wood with a pole lathe, and I liked making the wood round on the lathe.  I learned that Vikings used some horns for blowing to make music and had a spinning bone that made music.



We have been learning about the vikings. We found out our viking names, my one was Robstaf the Wise. The vikings were great sailors.  The Vikings came from Denmark, Sweden and Norway and they made their clothes from wool and leather fron animals.  They also washed their clothes in cow pee!