Today we were visited by port Charlotte and Keills school because we were having a visit from Kilmartin Museum.  We were doing woodworking, viking food, weaving and spinning, runes on clay and Viking music.  We were were chopping wood with an axe and turning wood with a pole lathe, and I liked making the wood round on the lathe.  I learned that Vikings used some horns for blowing to make music and had a spinning bone that made music.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth
    Sounds you had a good and busy day.
    I am looking forward to seeing them at the High School tomorrow

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Sound like you did a lot of different activities on your visit. I was at the Kilmartin Museum a few years ago and thought it was great.
    Do you think they used protective glasses in viking times?
    I wonder how the spinning bone made music?

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