Sports On Islay

On Islay we like to play football which there is 5 teams they are called Port Ellen, Bowmore, Kilchoman, Islay wanderers, Port Charlotte there used to be two more teams called Laphroaig and Ardbeg. Although football is very popular the Scottish national sport is shinty. We too have a tournament and a after school club. Port Ellen have won the tournament several years in a row. In shinty you are trying to hit the ball into the goals with the shinty stick. Shinty is very similar to ice hockey except it is a small round ball not a puck. Shinty can be a dangerous sport so we wear helmets. We also play rounders which is a sport that is like baseball we like playing sports in our school and we have a sports day we also have a sports club that takes place at 12:00 noon in school.

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  1. In Birkenhead we have 20 teams maxminum in every football leuage we have about 32 rugby teams and in basketball.

  2. In England we have lots of football teams that people can play for like everton, liverpool, manchester city and manchester united. We have 24 teams maxuim in a league how many do you have.

  3. In England we have a variety of football teams. Port Ellen won the tornament several years in a row, now that is one good team!

  4. Hello, you win a lots of medals and trophies.

    In Birkenhead, I\’ve won gymnatstics medals and trophies to. I think you are good at football, actually you are AMAZING!!! at football to. I can do carwheels and backwalkover it is easy for me.

  5. I enjoyed reading about all your different sports that you play in Islay. In Australia the three most popular sports are cricket, netball and football but most people like to call it footy. I play netball for a club in Adelaide.

    Does anyone at your school play for and popular club team in Islay?

  6. Thank you for telling me the sports you play Scotland.In Australia a very popular sport is AFL the aim of the game is kick the ball between two goal posts.What are your favorite sports.our school footy team won the school competition called the lighting carnival.from cameron.

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