Jan 142013

On Islay people do many types of dancing such as- Highland dancing, Step dancing, Country dancing, Ballet, Hip hop and many more. Highland dancing is when diffrent people dance to the accordion or the bag pipes. Highland dancing is known for junior dancers and also grown-ups. There outfit is a short mini kilt and a silk waist coat worn  under a white blouse with black pumps. Highland dancing is one of Islays most popular and known dancing, country dancing is also very common and known in Islay. They also dance to accordion or bag pipes, they uselly dance with a female and a male together. The diffrent names of the dances are called -The Cananadian Barn dance, Flying scotts man, Gay Gordans and lots of diffrent ones. Islay is quite famous for dancing and everyone really enjoys it.

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  1. I’d love to do some of that dancing because I love to dance and I really enjoy to do different types of Dancing

  2. Wow thats good dancing I would love to do that in our school!

  3. Wow, that looks really fun. I love to dance and but I have never actually danced Highland dancing, Step dancing, Country dancing, Ballet, Hip hop and many more SCOTTISH STYLE. I love the way that children don’t just do it at festivals and the way that Adults get involved in it all. Maybe when I go dancing again I could ask if we could learn to dance scottish… It looks like you are all having alot of fun in that picture. Maybe our schools could meet up and swap dance moves.

  4. The types of daning in islay sounds very fun and a little bit complecated.The type of dancing that I would do is country dancing.Is there any types of dances you know?I have heard that islay is good at dancing. What I want to know is whats your favourate one?

  5. Wow those dances look amazing I wish I could learn some scotish dancing it looks realy fun!!Are dancers are realy diffrrent we have ballet and tango street dance and loads of other dancers.

  6. Sounds and looks really fun!! It looks that cool that I might even google some dance classes but dancing you do because it looks very intresting and amazingly fun

  7. I do highland dancing! 🙂

  8. we know counrty dancing and we have a day of dance every year and have dance lessons 10 times every year, we find the dancing really fun and would love to share them with you!

  9. wow I think you like dancing

  10. Thankyou for sharing that comment about different types of dancing that you learn in Scotland. It was very interesting. My name is Olivia and i come from Australia and i would love to learn how to dance because i’ve never really experienced dancing lessons before in my life.
    Over in Scotland could you compete in a dancing competion ?
    From Olivia

  11. My favourite country dance is the flying scotsman!(you are a train when you dance it)

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