Jan 142013

We wake up at about 6:45, and our school called Port Ellen Primary School, starts at 9:00am. We have a break in the morning to let everyone get fresh air, but if it’s raining we play games inside. Once we get in, our teacher called Mrs Clark calls out the register. We all have water bottles and we get our lunch at school for £2.00!  On a Monday morning, everyone in the school, comes and has a meeting to talk about everything on at school, during the week. After the meeting we go up to our classes and have a check-up. Our homework is to copy out 10 spelling words and write 5 sentences about them.  We have our first break at 10:30am and for break we go outside and classes take turn to play on our ‘all-weather-pitch’.  After break we do maths and one of the things we do is, play a game called ‘fizz buzz’, to play you need a ball and you pass the ball around, you say fizz is its a multiple of 5 and buzz if its a multiple of 3 and if its not you just say the number. We play that for 5-10 minutes.  Our lunchtime is at 12:00 and we are aloud to go home for lunch but we have to be back for 1:00pm! In the afternoon we get out the computers out and go on and write blogs on glow.  We have an afternoon break at 2:15 till 2:30 and when we come back in we learn the history of slavery.  We go home at 3:30, I have my dinner at 5:30pm and go to bed at 9:30pm!

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  1. Hi this sounds like a very hard and enjoyable day. I love the sound of fizz ball it sounds like a very fun game! Our school is like your school a bit too! We wake up at about 7:00 and our school starts at 9:00am aswell, you are lucky the way you are aloud to go home during lunch time!

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