This year our Panto is When Sasha Got Swept Up The Chimney. I am Santa . I have lots of lines to learn and I am very excited.

Here is what everyone else is:  Robbie-Will  William-Elf  Annie-Holly  Eleanor-Elf  Danni-Milly  Anwen-Harriet  Abbie-Sasha  Ciara-Ivy  Alicia-Dasher (The football manager reindeer.)  Cameron-Elf  Asher-Tooth Fairy (Mean tooth fairy.)  Maisie- Mrs Clause (Gerty.)  Jodie-Rudolph (The mega superstar.)  Nicholas-Elf  Logan-Elf  Beth-Elf  Torin-Tooth Ache  David-Elf (Chief elf.)  Oliver-Elf  Izzy-Tom  Emma-Elf  Emily-Santa (Berty.)  P1/2-Penguins  P4/5-Elves/Reindeer  P2/3-sweeps

We are all looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Panto

We had a panto and I was a lumberjack. On  Monday panto at the finale we sang Happy Ever Afters and it was
so funny because Matthew Campbell was very excited to go on stage. The song that the Lumberjacks sang was called I am a Lumberjack.

The Panto

On Monday 12th December it was the panto and I was a lumberjack. We sang I’m a Lumberjack. We were holding an axe. At the end we sung a song called Happy Ever After. I was nervous.
By Beth

The School Panto

Port Ellen Primary school did a pantomime it was called Rebecca Riding Hood. Ailaes was Rebecca Eilidh was Violet, P1/2 were teddy bears P3/4 were Lumberjacks our class was dwarves, P6/7 were just characters but some people were in groups like the Van Ham Brothers they were groups of pigs.  We sang Big John Annie was Big John,  everyone loved Annie being as big john, because big john is suposed to be big and Annie small so that means we’ll get more laughs that way.  We were on scene 4 theres different scenes 9 different  scenes, the song at finally was Happy Ever Afters.

By Alicia

Our Calendar

We were doing a calender on the computer then we started doing our photos today.   Everyone got a month to draw and some people used chalk and some people used felt tips.  We got dressed up getting our photos done for the calender.  In the panto my class is dwarfs and Annie is Big John.  By Ciara.