This year our Panto is When Sasha Got Swept Up The Chimney. I am Santa . I have lots of lines to learn and I am very excited.

Here is what everyone else is:  Robbie-Will  William-Elf  Annie-Holly  Eleanor-Elf  Danni-Milly  Anwen-Harriet  Abbie-Sasha  Ciara-Ivy  Alicia-Dasher (The football manager reindeer.)  Cameron-Elf  Asher-Tooth Fairy (Mean tooth fairy.)  Maisie- Mrs Clause (Gerty.)  Jodie-Rudolph (The mega superstar.)  Nicholas-Elf  Logan-Elf  Beth-Elf  Torin-Tooth Ache  David-Elf (Chief elf.)  Oliver-Elf  Izzy-Tom  Emma-Elf  Emily-Santa (Berty.)  P1/2-Penguins  P4/5-Elves/Reindeer  P2/3-sweeps

We are all looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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