India Afternoon Food

The India afternoon was an afternoon where parents could come in and see what we had learned about India. There was a stall that let people eat Indian food like, Chapatis, banana pure, nan bred, potato curry, veggie pakoras,  poppadoms and a super hot chick pea curry.


P6/7 and P3/4 have been learning all about India, we have learn’ t about Hinduism; here are  some things we have learn’ t,  Hindus believe in many gods like Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma. In India they have 3 seasons, Wet, Dry and Cool.  Some Hindus wear saris, a long piece of material with several patterns. There are over 1 billion people living in India and 750 million of them are all Hindus. Hindus paint patterns on feet and hands with Hena, that is called Mendhi.

India afternoon

On the 26th of march we had a India afternoon we invited parents and we had stalls ready for the parents to interact with. Like a food stall and a India quiz.  To start of the day we showed power points on different celebrations in India we also made Indian God masks to show to our parents. In p3/4 there Rangoli patterns to do also hand paints and guess the spice. We also set up a build the Taj Mahal with lego stall.

by Robbie and Liam

Indian Gods and saris

In the primary 6/7 class room we have been learning about Indian gods. Mrs Clark has also been telling us Indian stories about the different god and what their job is. The whole class did a god mask for each Indian god there is, for example Ellen’s god was Brahma,  and Alicia’s god was Annapurna. We found out that in most Indian stories there is a god.

We also learned all about saris. A sari is an outfit that women wear in India. We all learnt how to put on a sari( we thought it was hard).Mrs Clark and Miss Brown wore a sari on  India day, the saris had very nice patterns on them. On India day we also designed a sari with the P3/4 class and our mums and dads. We designed it with rangoli patterns and it looked very pretty in the end. We had a very fun day.

By Alicia and Ellen