Today we were visited by port Charlotte and Keills school because we were having a visit from Kilmartin Museum.  We were doing woodworking, viking food, weaving and spinning, runes on clay and Viking music.  We were were chopping wood with an axe and turning wood with a pole lathe, and I liked making the wood round on the lathe.  I learned that Vikings used some horns for blowing to make music and had a spinning bone that made music.


OKAY Museum Exhibition

On Tuesday 8th march 2011 p4\5 held a museum exhibition. It started at 1:30 to 3:00. We held it because our topic was on history. In the morning Bowmore P5\6 came over to look at our museum. We all had had a different table to work at. I was at the information desk with Eilidh. We were selling bookmarks,delft tiles and leaflets. There was a desk that you could go to try old food like Dundee cake,oatcakes with goats cheese and venison and there was viking bread. I had a bit of Dundee cake and it was very nice. We had interactive displays and timelines, toys, bedrooms and kitchens from the past. P6/7 did a World War 2 display as well. A lot of adults came to see our museum. I had a great time.

by Reece Bowman.

The World War 1 Medals

We are doing a history topic and we are trying to make our own museum and I brought in some medals from the War. They belonged to a man named Charlie Baum who was in the ambulance association and was killed while going to pick up a body. He got the medals for being part of the War and saving people’s lives. My Grandad got the medals sent to him as he was a relative. He even got parts of Charlie Baum’s clothing and other things.