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Sometimes a cinema comes to the island. It is called the Screen Machine.The Screen Machine is a portable cinema that goes round the whole of Scotland. It comes to Islay because we don’t have a proper cinema on the island. It’s a van that has a big screen and loads of seats in it so when you go in it feels like a miniature cinema! When it comes it parks outside the Ramsey Hall in Port Ellen but sometimes it parks in the school playground! That means we get to go in and watch a movie with the rest of the school. On Friday we are going to see Arthur Christmas so we’re all really happy and excited. Right now it’s showing  The Hobbit, Skyfall, Paranorman and Arthur Christmas. I really like  the Screen Machine because it feels really weird sitting in a huge van watching a movie.

By Elinor

  14 Responses to “THE SCREEN MACHINE.”

  1. In England we have lots of football teams how many do you have?

  2. very intresting

  3. That sounds like a really good idea because how else are you going to get to see films? Is there more than one van on the island and does it cost loads to get in there? I wish there was one over here. 🙂

  4. How big is the screen? what time doe’s the screen machine come?

  5. That sounds like fun to watch a movie inside a van I wish our school had a screen machine so I could watch a movie in a van with all of my school friends.
    We also have fun things at our school like we have an outdoor playarea.

  6. That sounds awesome to sit in a van and watch a movie. I don\’t go to the cinema very often because there isn’t a cinema near me like you and your schhol.

  7. In the picture the van looks so small I wonder how it is a cinema. good explanation

  8. Thanks for this post.
    It looks really cool because cinemas in Adelaide are big buildings.
    How many seats are in the Screen Machine?

  9. Hey, I dont think our school would fit in there!!! How big is it? I would love to go and watch a movie in one of them!!!

  10. Thanks for sharing that with me it was very interesting
    We have alot of cinemas in Adelaide but not portable
    How many seats are there in your cinema?


  11. thank you for telling me about the cinema.The screen machine is an interesting name.I like movies that are cartoons, like Pokemon and Tom and Jerry! What movies does it play

  12. Thank you for the post about the screen machine. In Australia we have to got to a building to watch a movie and its always there it does not come and go like yours.

    How big is the van and how many people can fit in it?

  13. Thankyou for the screen machine post. In Adelaide we have cinemas in big buildings,you can also buy popcorn and a drink if you like.How often does the screen machine visit you in Islay?

  14. Thank you for telling us all about the screen machine.Sounds pretty awesome to me I wish I could go there and see.(One Day!!) I love to play with my dog called Sia(Thai for Tiger) I love drawing and play basketball with my brother,watching movies and hanging out with my friends I have lots of friends.And I would love to know what kind of movies people watch in the screen machine???;)

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