The Kelpies

img_1122After we had had our dinner we were going to go on a night trip to The glowing flashing Kelpies. We left our day bags in our rooms. After dinner we got into our groups that we found out when we were on the ferry. We all partnered up and then left to see the Kelpies. On the bus it was dark so everyone was excited because that would mean the Kelpies would glow up. Before we got off the bus they talked to us about being safe they had said to stay away from the canal and watch out for cars also strangers. When we got there we got of the bus and walked towards the Kelpies everyone knew they were huge because they were really big even when we were far away from them. Once we had arrived there was two huge horse heads that were glowing up, they were changing colors after about a couple of seconds. I didn’t know it was going to be two heads I thought it would be one, it was a fantastic sight.

Roald Dahl Day

On Tuesday 13th Scrvz8kcusaaowpkeptember it was Roald Dahl day! Everyone got Roald Dahl cakes and every cake had something to do with one of Roald Dahls books. We were doing art to do with Roald Dahl and at 2:30 we got to watch Matilda for a hour.  It was great!  Here is a picture of Bronagh with Mavis Gulliver receiving a framed copy of her BFG picture.