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Remembrance Crosses

This week we have been concentrating on Remembrance, discussing who and why we remember and why the poppy is used as a symbol for this.

After our class trip the pupils have taken note of some of the names of local people who lost their lives in WW1. Some pupils have also found members of their own family who were involved too – we hope to research this more in the future.

As part of the act of remembrance the class were introduced to the Remembrance Cross, where crosses are decorated with a poppy and dedicated to a particular soldier. We decided to use the  information from our trip to dedicated a cross to our own local hero.

Each member of the class was given two pieces of wood, some sandpaper and string to create their own cross. The pictures above show them sanding down the rough edges in preparation. They then decorated the cross with a poppy and dedicated their cross to a soldier they were either related to who had lost their life during the war or one that we had learnt about during our trip.

The pupils have taken their crosses home with them where they will either keep them to remember their soldier or leave it at a War Memorial this weekend.

Well done P5/6 the crosses look fabulous and you have all done a great job in understanding and respecting the meaning of Remembrance.

Primary 5/6 Assembly

On 28th March we had our class assembly. Everyone worked really hard together to prepare assembly boards and scripts. We presented information about the Old Stone Age, New Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Picts and Vikings and Kenya. Everyone sang beautifully, starting with ‘What does Shetland mean to me’ and finishing with Hakuna Matata and Archie and Ronan also played the cornet and accordion. A big well done to all the bairns for their performances, we know that it’s not always easy to perform to a big audience, but they all supported each other and did so well.

Scatness Visit

This morning P5/6 went back in time 2000 years to the Iron Age. Chris Dyer from the Amenity Trust showed us round Scatness. We started in the visitor centre, where he talked to us about Shetland’s history. We completed a jigsaw puzzle, which had a timeline from the Stoneage to present day.

He also explained to us how housing has changed through the ages. Chris had lit a peat fire in the middle of the reconstructed wheelhouse and we all enjoyed going into it and hearing more about life in the Iron Age. After that we went for a look at other houses on the site and saw the broch.

We finished off by playing a really good Viking game called Kubb.

A big thank you to all our adult helpers too!

Tammy’s first full day in Montpellier

Today Tammy has been in class learning some French grammar and then he went exploring in the city. He has been finding the answers to a few of your questions.

Drew asked ‘What do people eat in France?’

Tammy said ‘They eat lots of different things, like 🐌, which Ms Scanlan enjoyed, and lots of local cheeses, meat, fish and fresh vegetables.

And they have lots of different types of pancakes, savoury and sweet.

Callum asked if the French eat frogs’ legs, but I haven’t seen any yet!

Robert wanted to know do they have skyscrapers in Montpellier, there are some lovely old buildings but I haven’t seen any skyscrapers. Callum asked what sort of houses they have, so I’ve taken a few photos for you.

And after a busy day I had a bit of time relaxing. Robert wanted to know what do children play, and I had fun with some, playing in the park.

Bonne nuit , à demain.


Visit to Sound Hall and the Museum

On 13th September we had a visit to the Sound Gospel hall to do a bible study workshop. They were very kind and the children enjoyed a snack and juice there.

In the afternoon we visited the museum. They gave us a tour of the ‘heritage’ section and we learnt how to make butter. It was easier To do than we all thought it would be and it tasted delicious on the bannocks.

Outreach Visit from the Scottish Parliament

Yesterday we had a visit from Angela McGarrigle from the Outreach department of the Scottish Parliament. This ties in well with our Democracy topic and helped bring together what we have been learning in class.

The children were given the opportunity to form different parties: Sporty Party, Music Party, Computer Party, Animal Welfare Party and the Save the Earth Party. They each chose a leader, put together a manifesto and presented it at an ‘election’.

Here are our party leaders giving their manifesto speeches.

We were then shown how to fill in a ballot paper and then we voted.

The party which gained the most votes when counted was the Music   Party.

Next we carried out a debate just as it happens in the Scottish Parliament. We chose to debate a Smoking issue- the motion was Should smoking be banned?

Molly was the Presiding Officer and she had to control the debate;deciding who should speak and ensuring no one took up too much time.

Everyone except the Presiding Officer then voted on the motion, either yes, no or abstain. We were given 10 seconds to vote, the same amount of time as is given in the Scottish Parliament.

The motion was carried.

It was a really interesting session and we all know much more about the Scottish Parliament and how it functions.

Jessica said, “It was great fun and interesting.”

Ronan enjoyed being the leader of the Sporty Party.

Tia  liked doing the debate.

Molly said,”It was a great opportunity and I loved it.”

Emily liked learning how to do an election.

Emmy enjoyed taking part in both the election and the debate.

Bertie liked the debate about smoking.


Visit to Tesco

We were amazed just how big the store was when we went through to the back. There were huge storage areas full of all sorts of different foods. We saw the chilled area where fruit and vegetables are kept before going out into the store.image

We were given special vests to put on before we went onto the shop floor to let customers know what we were doing there.


We felt like detectives trying to find different fruit and vegetables from different parts of the world including the U.K.





Whilst it was interesting to discover all the different places around the world where our food comes from, we were also keeping a lookout for any Fairtrade products we could see in the store.


Zara and Emmy found Fairtrade bananas.

We also foundimage Fairtrade cocoa, drinking chocolate, coffee and tea. Fairtrade cocoa and drinking chocolate image image

Shane quickly spotted the Fairtrade chocolate!



We got to smell and taste different foods and spices.

We were also given a bag full of interesting information, puzzles and colouring sheets about food, as well as a bottle of water and a piece of fruit.

Here we are with Trina who showed us around.


Bertie said, “It was good tasting different food.”

Michael commented, “It was a really good day. I loved being in the Tesco store.”