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Outdoor Maths

We have started to explore a new area of Maths this week.  We braved the February weather to take our learning outside into the playground.  The markings on our play areas were perfect for helping us explore parallel and perpendicular lines.  We looked for right angles too.  It’s amazing how many you find when you actively go looking!


RSPB Schools Birdwatch

This afternoon we all took part in the RSPB Schools birdwatch. Schools throughout the whole of the UK take part in this and record the birds in their school grounds.

The results are then uploaded to the RSPB and they use the information to look at changes in bird populations.

Local birdwatcher Glen Tyler took groups of children out and we used our school binoculars, that Ness Engineering and Hugh Harrop had given us last year. The children asked lots of questions as they went around the school and used Hugh’s identification guide to learn a bit more about the local birds.

Everyone said they would like to do this again.