Fabulous Fun during STEM Visit

Emma Chittick visited our class today to help promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Judging by the children’s great enthusiasm and fun during the session she certainly succeeded.

The children had to programme the Lego Minds to simulate a satellite orbiting the Earth. Once this mission was accomplished they then went on to programme the ‘satellite’ to avoid space junk using its sensors.

It was super to see the concentration and perseverance displayed by the class as well as their enjoyment of the challenges set.

Emmy: It was really fun and I enjoyed using the iPad.

Christie: It was very complicated but it was great fun.

Ruby: It was really interesting to learn how to move the robot.


SMUHA squad acts


P5’s squad act Grumpy Parents saw the ‘children’ make things difficult for their party-loving parents!


Primary 6 were hapless vikings in their Clumsy Vikings squad act.

They sang their own version of the Up Helly Aa song.