Request for junk please

This term we will be focusing on science in our topic work. Within this, the pupils have requested that we look at rockets during our learning. To put our learning into practice we are hoping to design and build our own rockets later in the term.

I have asked the class to bring in some clean junk that they think could be used for this project. As a parent, I am aware that these requests don’t always make it home so thought a blog post would be helpful too.

If you have anything at home that may be useful could you please pass it on to your child to bring in to school? – cleaned please to prevent the spread of any nasty bugs.


Many thanks and enjoy the weekend.

STEM Activities

There has been much excitement this term for both myself and the P5/6 pupils as we have started  our 4 week block of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sessions with Emma Chittick, from Skills Development Scotland (SDS).

SDS are trying to encourage more pupils to consider future STEM careers by introducing them to ‘fun’ STEM activities through the latter years of primary school.

All pupils have been working really hard and enjoying the challenges set by Emma. So far we have used our coding skills to get our robots to orbit the Earth. Some of us were able to simulate a launch and change from a small orbit to a large orbit. This week we looked at “space junk” – we were able to programme the robots to orbit the Earth and divert around an obstacle to prevent dammage to our satellite.



I think the below comments from the pupils show how much they are enjoying this activity.

“STEM is really good” – Frankie

“STEM is really good because we get to learn with robots. I enjoy learning different things to do.” – Isabel and Kelsi.

“It’s good because it’s about robotics.” – Robert and Ronan

“We are enjoying it. It is fun” – Carla and Kayla

“It is quite hard at the moment but it’s fun.” – Robbie and Lucien

“It’s good, I love it, it’s my favourite thing to do.” – Amy