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Well done P4/5/6!

In our class we have a Recognition Board with a  class focus for the week.  This is something that we all recognise as being an area for us to develop and improve.

This week we were trying hard to be organised and ready, making sure that we are back in the classroom promptly once we have hung up our belongings in the cloakroom.

Everyone tries very hard to achieve our weekly focus so that they can get their name on to the Recognition Board.  When everyone’s name is on, we can receive our class prize.

The class voted to have time playing in the “forest” as their prize.  Looking at the forecast, we decided that Tuesday would be our best chance, to avoid any snowy showers later in the week!

We had fun building dens, creating bug hotels, playing hide and seek and playing ball games.

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French in the sunshine

Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and used the multicourt to cement our recent French learning. The pupils competed in a game of dictation.

They had to run to the opposite side of the court to read a French phrase, try to memorise it and repeat to their awaiting team members – correct spelling and pronunciation was key as they later found when peer assessing their efforts in class.

The pupils really enjoyed the activity and are looking forward to playing it again in the future – next time some will focus on the attention to detail and not just the speed.

Paper bridges

This morning we worked in pairs to see how strong we could make a bridge using only paper …

We investigated how a simple activity of adding folds or additional support structures could greatly increase the mass that one piece of paper could support.

Some then explored how this differed if we used card instead of paper.

There was a clear buzz in the classroom during the activity and it was great to see so many groups working so well together.

Well done P5/6

French Pen Pals

During the October holidays Miss. Scanlan spent some time working in a French school in Cannes. At the start of the term, two teachers from this school returned to Scotland and Shetland to see how our schools differ to theirs.

One of the teachers, Yann Gueyffier, came into our class to share some information with us too. The pupils from P5/6 have agreed to become pen pals with the pupils in Yann’s class – we sent some information about ourselves back with Yann when he was leaving Shetland.

Yesterday, some of the pupils received video messages from their pen pals. There was much excitement in the classroom and we were all really impressed with their English. We will need to practice our French speaking before we are confident enough to send a video reply.

We will hope to send some seasonal messages through to the school before the end of term and are really hoping that we can continue to build our use of French through this activity.

Achievement Talks 23.11.18

Unfortunately, I missed the Achievement Talks last week, but Miss Budge left me some details of what was shared.

This week it was the turn for those in The Cool Unicorn Tractor group (consisting of Hayden, Daniel, Robert, Amy, Ronan and Isabel).

Isabel treated the class to a tune on her fiddle, she has been working well in her lessons and her confidence is building. Well done Isabel, it can be a little nerve-wracking standing in front of the class playing an instrument but I hear that you did a lovely job.

Hayden shared his excitement at moving up a swimming group in class swimming with Mrs. Smith. He spent the October holidays abroad with his family, where a lot of the time was spent playing in the pool. He thinks that this may have helped to improve his confidence in the pool. Mrs. Smith was very impressed with your improvements when you returned after the October break. Well done Hayden.

Amy also shared a swimming achievement with the rest of the class. She has successfully managed to master the art of performing a handstand flip in the swimming pool. This is great news as Amy has been suffering with an injury in recent swimming lessons, so it’s great to see that she is feeling more confident in the pool. Well done Amy.

We look forward to hearing more from our next group on Friday. Well done Cool Unicorn Tractors – sorry I have no photo’s to share this week.


End of Year Party and Goodbye to Hasan

We had a lovely afternoon today. Lots of the class had made or brought in party food 🎉 🍰  🍪 . We said our goodbyes to Hasan and wished him luck in his new school in England.

We had an awards ceremony for achievements for the year, our Accelerated Reader lucky dip and then played Winky  Murder and then Pie Face 🥧! It was so funny!

Then we opened our ‘Go Wild’ packs from Ms Scanlan. Finally we had our party food outside (watching a couple of frogs 🐸). Here are some of our Pie Face photos, thanks for that Faith! 😂

Playleader Training

On Monday our P6s had their final training session. They are all now fully trained up and this is what they said about their training-

Shane: I liked playing games like Giant’s Keys.

Ronan: Playleader was good because we learnt fun games to play with the little ones.

Holly : I think it was very, very good because the games we are playing are so good.

Jessica: Playleader is great for the Primary 2s and 3s, because if they don’t have anyone to play with then they can play with us.

Archie: It’s quite fun, but sometimes the little kids don’t listen very well!

Ryan: Playleader was very good because we got to play good games and played with little ones, but they were hard to control!

Ruby: I liked Playleader because we all did it together and it was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to do it with the younger ones.

Thanks to Toby for all the photos.