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We got mail!

Five pupils were delighted to come back from their Easter Holidays to find that they had received replies to the author letters they wrote for World Book Day!  Some were standard replies from very busy authors but we were still grateful!  One  was a lovely, handwritten, personalised reply.  The rest of the class are patiently waiting!  🤞

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Farewell Ms Henderson!

We have had a super day for Ms Henderson’s last day at Dunrossness!  The pupils all made a great effort dressing up for the occasion.   We enjoyed following the P7 Jarl Squad procession and singing along in front of the beautifully decorated galley. We were treated to musical items in the hall and were delighted to hear Kate and Leah play their violins! Ms Henderson joined us in class for us to play her our PowerPoint poem and join us for a game of Hangman! We had time for Reading and some tessellation work before lunch.  We also managed to squeeze in our Recognition Board prize as all the pupils have been setting good examples over the past few weeks.  Then it was back for more singing and celebrating in the hall!  We will all miss her but wish her good luck in her new job!  Three Cheers…Hip Hip!!

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Our Day

Friday 3rd December…

Our class is beginning is get ready for Christmas.  Each morning, we open the light bulb advent calendar we made and we also learn a new “sign” each day when we open a door on our Signalong calendar.   We are taking part in the reverse advent calendar again this year and want to thank you all for your kind donations to the Shetland Food Bank too.

We started our day with a reading session.  Lots of quizzes were taken with some great scores being recorded!  We’ve had a new delivery of books from the Sandwick School Library so lots of pupils had a look through them and chose stories that they think they will enjoy.  We have some very keen readers in P4/5/6.

We are working hard on handwriting in the class.  Some pupils worked alone on joined sentences while others copied my examples from the board.  Getting to grips with joining can be tricky but all pupils worked hard and did not give up!  It was great to see their confidence grow in just one short session.

Maths time was spent exploring 3D shapes and their nets.  We built up various shapes using construction, then folded it flat so that we could see how we needed to draw our own nets on squared paper.  There was a lot of learning in this activity!  It didn’t always work out but we spoke about how we’d improve on what we did next time!

After lunch we looked at two Christmas cards and spoke about the different themes that appear on them.  The class have been asked to look out for this over the coming weeks at home.  Do the cards link to the Christian faith and festival of Christmas or are they more winter themed with images of Santa, snowmen, robins and things we associate with this time of year?

Then we started to think about creating a Christmas card to take home.  We painted the background ready to start decorating next week.

We took advantage of the calm day to go outside for a longer Class PE session while Ruben and Ryan grabbed the chance to rehearse their guitar pieces for our Christmas Play in peace and quiet.  Two of our violin players also celebrated success in their individual lessons.  See the photos below!

Have a lovely weekend all!

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We hope you like the new image on our P4/5/6 Blog page!  What a motley crew we are!  We had a great time celebrating Halloween in class.  We made toilet roll tube characters, wrote spooky story starters, created a pastel crayon bat picture, enjoyed a special Halloween themed lunch in the canteen and took part in a co-ordinates Trick or Trick game in the afternoon.

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Thursday 16th September – Our Day

What have we done today?  It’s been a busy day with lots going on!

First the class went to see Mrs Inkster for their Music class.  They have been working on, “Wonderland Tea Party Rhythms.”  This has involved them using different phrases to help them clap out the rhythms.  Then they saw how these rhythms looked in musical notation.

Grammar was waiting for them on their return!  Different groups were looking at different aspects of grammar… speech marks, homophones using dictionary work and proper adjectives.

We took advantage of the nice weather to go outside to measure larger areas in metres and centimetres.  We found keeping count of the whole metres the hardest part when measuring the length of the multi court!  Tomorrow, we will try using the trundle wheel some more and we’ll look at the different ways these measurements can be recorded.

The afternoon saw us quietly reading…always a relaxing, enjoyable time!  Then we wrote out our, “Diamond 9 Skills for Teamwork,”ideas.  We worked on these last week, deciding in small groups, which skills we thought were most important when working together.  See the photos below.

Lastly, some pupils went through to Mrs Inkster to let her hear their voices ahead of choir starting up again.  She was very impressed!

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Class Charter

Over a few weeks, we have been working on our class charter.  First, we talked about the work of the United Nations which then led us to look at the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  There are many “Articles” in the convention but we focused on the main ones that we felt were important in our class.  We chose those that fitted – Be Heard, Be Ourselves, Be Healthy and Be safe.  We worked in groups to say what this would look like in our class as we learn together.  We gathered everyone’s ideas and these were turned into statements that we are going to try our best to abide by in class.  🙂

There was also a discussion about what the children want their teachers to try to provide.  Mrs Henderson and I will work hard on these too and we’ll try our best not to let you down.  🌞

Please see pictures of our Class Charter below.

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Team Building Fun

As part of our Health and Wellbeing lesson this week, we went outside to try a game that needed us all to work together to make the task work!  We had to pass around the ball, without letting it touch the ground or our hands.  It also had to touch everyone’s legs, no jumping over!  After a few tries, we quickly realised that we had to alter how we sat together and how we passed it on.  Our best time was 21 seconds!  I wonder if it will ever be beaten?
P.S.   Welcome back to Scarlett!

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