Congratulations to our musicians

We are all very proud of the excellent achievements of Archie, Molly and Niamh who all took part in instrumental exams this week. They all gained  distinction  in their grade- which is a super achievement!

In Music today Molly and Niamh each performed their exam piece on the clarinet, for the rest of the class, which was a delight to hear. We’re hoping Archie will perform his exam piece on the cornet for us next week.

Scottish Opera- Tam o’ Shanter

Primary 6 & 7 enjoyed an excellent day working with members of the Scottish Opera who were helping to put the final touches to their performance of The Tale o’ Tam o’ Shanter.

Working alongside pupils from Cunningsburgh and Sandwick the pupils only had the morning to practise their routines before the dress rehearsal and actual performance in the afternoon.

Dunrossness bairns formed the Witches Crew and gave a chilling performance as they sang their main song Witches Brew.

Primary 5 were delighted to have the opportunity to see the performance.

Everyone agreed it was great fun and P6 & 7 loved working with members of the Scottish Opera.