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Scottish Opera- Tam o’ Shanter

Primary 6 & 7 enjoyed an excellent day working with members of the Scottish Opera who were helping to put the final touches to their performance of The Tale o’ Tam o’ Shanter.

Working alongside pupils from Cunningsburgh and Sandwick the pupils only had the morning to practise their routines before the dress rehearsal and actual performance in the afternoon.

Dunrossness bairns formed the Witches Crew and gave a chilling performance as they sang their main song Witches Brew.

Primary 5 were delighted to have the opportunity to see the performance.

Everyone agreed it was great fun and P6 & 7 loved working with members of the Scottish Opera.

Beyond the Panda

This afternoon Primary 5 and Primary 6 went up to Sandwick Junior High School to take part in the Beyond the Panda outreach programme which supports the work of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. The workshops were presented by Sandie Robb, the Senior Education Officer.

There were six different workstations which the children worked their way round. Activities were varied and covered many aspects of a panda’s life -from birth and how they develop, to the food they eat and what Panda poo looks like! There were jigsaws  to complete which illustrated a panda’s habitat and where they live in China. Another activity involved  a lotto game featuring China’s wildlife. At another workstation they were given two skulls and they had to try to identify which was a panda skull and which was a black bear skull by looking for clues.

Yet again it has been an interesting and informative session which everyone enjoyed.

A special thanks must go to our parent helpers and Emily and Eve who joined us from the secondary department.