Our last day with Miss Budge

What a super day we’ve had in P5/6 saying our farewells to the lovely Miss Budge! Although she will be in school on Friday, today was her last day in P5/6.

Both the pupils and myself have thoroughly enjoyed having Miss Budge in our class this year and she will be greatly missed.

We spent the afternoon playing games and filling up on sugar!

A quick game of speak out – not that we were keeping score but team Wells won 😉

Followed by a game of pie face!

Not satisfied with the amount of cream on Miss Budge, she got a little extra …

What better way to say thank you for all her hard work this year than to be gifted with a face full of cream!!


The very best of luck to you in your next chapter Miss Budge, you will be a big miss.

From all in Primary 5/6, x

Learner Led Event

The pupils were given a copy of the below invitation to take home yesterday (15th May).

This year P5/6 will be asking parents to assist in selecting the work for  our portfolio.

If you don’t have a copy of the original invitation could you please see the below for details.

Thank you

Health and Wellbeing

Today in our Health and wellbeing we started to discuss the changes we and our body make in preparation for parenthood.

There was a lot of discussion around the different types of relationship we will face throughout our life. Sharing thoughts for how these relationships can sometimes be good and sometimes not, yet it is how we face these that will help to mould the person we become in the future.

The class split into groups and discussed the important decisions that we must make before (in adulthood) a couple decides to have a baby. This was a great exercise that proved to be much trickier for some than they expected as there was no right or wrong answer.

We had some good discussions over what was perceived to be right and not in the types of relationships and environments in which we could raise a family. It was lovely to hear that the pupils had a very open mind to all of the questions asked and their main concern was that a family was loved and cared for as this was the ideal environment for a family to flourish.

Some class praise…

After Mrs Wells has been singing our praises to the staff Mrs Leslie came to visit our classroom today and was amazed by both our attitude and our work.

She very kindly acknowledged us with an award – now proudly displayed on our door!!


Rocket launch day!!

We’ve had a super morning today launching our bottle rockets at the sports pitch!

The pupils have been using our learning on forces – notably friction, air resistance and thrust – to try and adjust their own bottles to build the best rocket design possible. There have been some variations in style and we have all been looking forward to the day when we finally got to test them out…

We set a challenge to see which group could get their rocket to fly the furthest.

Becca and Hannah were the winners with a magnificent 24metres!

Once all of the groups had launched their rockets for distance the ones who struggled with coverage were given the chance to “take to the sky”.

It was a lovely, slightly chilly, morning and a fantastic way to extend our learning outside the classroom. I hope the pupils enjoyed the activity as much as I did – though they did work me hard with the hand pump and I did get a little wet a few times …

Request for pictures…

As part of our information sharing with our penpals from France, we would like to send some pictures of SMUHA, UHA and other places of interest in Shetland.


If you have any pictures at home that you would be happy for us to share with our penpals could you either send them in with your child and we will take copies or you could email them through to school – for the attention of P5/6.


Any additional details to show what life is like for us in Shetland would be very welcome.


Thank you in advance,

Mrs. Wells.