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Having fun together

Over the past week we have been sharing thoughts on how to stay positive and how we can help other people feel good about themselves.  On Monday, everyone decided on some positive words to paint on to a rock and chose a design to accompany it.  These will be displayed outside the school next term for all to enjoy.

We have also been finding out even more interesting facts about Space and enjoyed looking at some of the PowerPoints that were created during Online Learning.

On Tuesday we visited the frog pond in the nature garden.  It was good fun trying to find the frogs hiding in the heather.  They were very camouflaged!

On Wednesday, we had lots of fun with our literacy Escape Room challenge.  It was very active!  Each team raced to find clues hidden outside and then brought them back indoors to solve as a team. Everyone did really well to take turns and involve every team member in the game.

Just before the next rain shower came, we squeezed in an Easter egg hunt and had fun re-hiding our eggs for someone else to find!

Phew!  What a busy time and still two more days to go! Well done everyone!

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Friday’s Inspirational Quote

It’s Friday!  We’ve made it to the summer holidays!  A very well done to you all for working through this challenging time.  We wish you all a wonderful, screen free, summer holiday!  Here’s hoping for some good Shetland weather so we can all be outside enjoying what’s on our doorstep.  On our class chat yesterday, we had some questions about what returning to school in August will be like.  While we answered these as best as we could, it’s impossible to give exact answers to help calm those who are uncertain.  With that thought in mind, this is our final quote of the school year…along with another from a well loved character!

Friday’s Inspirational Quote

Somehow, we have made it to the end of the second last week of term!  I worried how these past two weeks would go preparing work at home, checking our Team and clearing our class and making ready for whatever August may bring and home schooling my own boys.  It seemed like there was too much to do and too little time but…what I failed to remember is that it always feels this way and it always all gets done in the end!  I also forgot that you are all working away brilliantly using our Team and being patient if you’ve had to wait for an answer.  Plus, I have had the help of Mrs Henderson, John, Jackie B, Jackie J and our support staff team helping me.  Huge thanks to you all!  We are all nearly there!  Keep going!  Keep smiling!  😊

Friday’s Inspirational Quote

This week, teachers have been allowed back into school to clear work off walls and sort classrooms to make ready for August.  It felt very strange to be back for the first time since 13th of March!  We’ve all been through a lot since then, having to learn and work from home and get used to new routines and new ways of working.  I was struck by our last classroom quote that was chosen and written up by Lois way back it March.  It seems even more apt now.

Friday’s Inspirational Quote

On our Teams page, we regularly post up our, “How are you feeling?” Poll.  We notice that the responses given vary each time we do it.  As we’ve said before, each day is different.  How we feel each day and how we respond to what’s going on around us changes too.  It’s important to recognise that there are hard days…bad days…but within each day, perhaps just before settling down at night, try to think of one or two positives from your day.  They will be there…some days you just have to look harder.  🙂

Friday’s Inspirational Quote

It’s our day off today and I almost forgot our Friday quote!  Better late than never!  In these strange times, we can feel many different emotions, some of them unsettling and hard to cope with … but we can still feel thankful and grateful at the same time.  Look out for our family task next week that asks you to focus on what we’re thankful for.

Friday’s Inspirational Quote

Tuesday the 12th marked the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale and was also International Nurses Day.  Today’s Inspirational quote comes from Florence Nightingale who is famous for her work during the Crimean War, for raising standards for nursing, changing the way nurses were perceived and in her help educating those in the profession.   A truly inspirational lady, both then and now.