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Outdoor Classroom Day – Tree planting

On Thursday 17th May, Primary 5/6 had a great morning planting up a new area of the school grounds with the Woodlands Trust trees that we received last autumn. The grass was strimmed and John made planting holes to put the saplings into. After a quick demonstration  the children soon learnt how to bed the trees in and by break time we had a whole new forest planted up. We can’t wait to see how they grow.




Broo Archaeology Trip

This afternoon Primary 5/6 and some of Primary 6/7 went to visit the dig at Broo. Gerry Bigalow, the project coordinator met us and gave us a really interesting talk all about the house site. Every year they find something different and reveal more of the house. This year they have uncovered a huge fireplace and a window that hasn’t been looked through for 300 years!

After the talk and walk around the site we split into two groups and had a chance to do some real hands on archaeology. We used the large hanging sieve to look through buckets of the sandy earth from the site and it was exciting to see how many things we found. There were lots of bones and some burnt peat.

The second activity was to use the trowels to scrape back the soil and look for artefacts. This time there were again quite a few bones and the remains of a very old bottle.

We were lucky with the weather and really enjoyed the walk there and back too. Primary 5/6 gave the afternoon 10/10!

Thanks to Faith and Robert’s mums for coming with us too.

Making Bread

On Wednesday 25th April, while the Primary 6s were on a visit to TOTAL, the Primary 5s had fun learning about yeast and how it helps to make bread rise.

We made bread rolls and a loaf and the best thing was that we got to eat them – yum!

We also did an investigation to see how yeast produces carbon dioxide as it respires. It was fun to watch the balloons expand.

Primary 5/6 Assembly

On 28th March we had our class assembly. Everyone worked really hard together to prepare assembly boards and scripts. We presented information about the Old Stone Age, New Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Picts and Vikings and Kenya. Everyone sang beautifully, starting with ‘What does Shetland mean to me’ and finishing with Hakuna Matata and Archie and Ronan also played the cornet and accordion. A big well done to all the bairns for their performances, we know that it’s not always easy to perform to a big audience, but they all supported each other and did so well.

RSPB Schools Birdwatch

This afternoon we all took part in the RSPB Schools birdwatch. Schools throughout the whole of the UK take part in this and record the birds in their school grounds.

The results are then uploaded to the RSPB and they use the information to look at changes in bird populations.

Local birdwatcher Glen Tyler took groups of children out and we used our school binoculars, that Ness Engineering and Hugh Harrop had given us last year. The children asked lots of questions as they went around the school and used Hugh’s identification guide to learn a bit more about the local birds.

Everyone said they would like to do this again.

Preparations for Lomayana School visit, Kenya

This afternoon in Wider Achievement, Joy Duncan started to teach drumming tunes to the group, to video to take to show the children at Lomayana Primary school, when she and Ms Scanlan visit in February.

Ewan from Radio Shetland came along to interview us and find out a bit more about the project. He hopes that it will be on Radio

Shetland tomorrow evening.

Last week we practiced Shetland dances to video too.



Playleader Training

On Monday our P6s had their final training session. They are all now fully trained up and this is what they said about their training-

Shane: I liked playing games like Giant’s Keys.

Ronan: Playleader was good because we learnt fun games to play with the little ones.

Holly : I think it was very, very good because the games we are playing are so good.

Jessica: Playleader is great for the Primary 2s and 3s, because if they don’t have anyone to play with then they can play with us.

Archie: It’s quite fun, but sometimes the little kids don’t listen very well!

Ryan: Playleader was very good because we got to play good games and played with little ones, but they were hard to control!

Ruby: I liked Playleader because we all did it together and it was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to do it with the younger ones.

Thanks to Toby for all the photos.