We got mail!

Five pupils were delighted to come back from their Easter Holidays to find that they had received replies to the author letters they wrote for World Book Day!  Some were standard replies from very busy authors but we were still grateful!  One  was a lovely, handwritten, personalised reply.  The rest of the class are patiently waiting!  🤞

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Term 4 has begun!

What a bright and sunny start to the new term!   We have been working outside on some problem-solving Maths games and learning about different mental strategies when adding.

We also began our Queen’s Jubilee entries for the Living Lerwick art competition.  Everyone was asked to design a picture showing what the Queen might see or do if she came to Shetland for a visit.

It was lovely to see the children making choices about how they would present their picture, using pencils, pens, paint or collage.

I was so proud to hear so many supportive comments when confidence levels dipped amongst some pupils, believing their picture was not good enough.  What an amazing team we have in our classroom!  You can take the following quote with you the next time you need a confidence boost…

“Believe in yourself!”  (Ella, P4)

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Last Day Of Term

It’s been a beautiful day and what better way to start it than a walk to school!  Our JRSOs have been working hard behind the scenes to organise the final activity in The Big Walk and Wheel Challenge.  They’ve been encouraging all classes to be physically active during the day, especially when some pupils can’t manage to walk or wheel to school.  Today, they helped organise the buses to drop everyone off at the football pitch to walk to school together.  Some pupils even managed some laps of the pitch while they waited for the buses to arrive.  The website tells us, we have logged 368 physical activities and we are in 295th position in the Uk for participation and 74th in Scotland!

For the rest of our day, we enjoyed time reading our own books, finishing our Easter cards, problem solving Maths using Tangram shapes, active time with P6/7 and Assembly time with Mrs Finch!  Now time for a rest!  Fingers crossed 🤞 for a holiday filled with weather like today!

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