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Everyone together again!

This afternoon, for The BIg Walk and Wheel Challenge, organised by the JRSOs, P1-7 came together to play games in the playground.  Such a great way to get active!

The P6 Playleaders got the chance to build on their recent training, leading the younger classes in a variety of games.  Everyone did so well to listen to the instructions given by the P6 girls.

In the multicourt,  Ms. Scanlan lead a game of dodgeball too with the P4/5/6 and P6/7 classes.  We hope to continue with our active times together, as often as we can!

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JRSO pupils get to test the speed gun!

Yesterday, our Primary 6 JRSOs had a visit from Police Sergeant Douglas.  He came to talk to them about road safety and asked them about their previous JRSO campaign.  He let them see the speed gun and explained how it worked.  We are very grateful that he gave up his time for us.  Please look out for more JRSO work coming in the near future!

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Friday’s Activities

We’ve had a lovely day in P5/6!  We started off working on refreshing some of our times tables by making fortune tellers and testing our friends.  Then it was outside to work on our fitness in Class PE.  We clocked up an amazing total of 194 laps of the multicourt as a class!!  Our Accelerated Reader time was so peaceful and relaxing after our run outside.   We also worked in pairs to talk about positive emotions…naming them, recognising what they look like, compiling lists of what makes us feel good and, perhaps the most difficult to describe, how our bodies feel physically when we feel good.  The afternoon was spent designing our Christmas cards!!  Yes…in September!

Sometimes, the most fun and memorable things to happen are the unexpected moments!  Today, we were gifted a pile of tree cuttings from our nature garden for P5/6 to use in the grassy area to make dens.  I was delighted to see the joy and excitement this brought to everyone and we are keeping fingers crossed for good weather next week so we can enjoy it.  I also loved seeing the enthusiasm and team work bringing up the branches! 😃


Biodiversity Bingo

We had a super afternoon exploring our school grounds, searching for a variety of living things.  Everyone had a bingo board with a range of living things to find.  It was great fun taking a closer look for signs of life in the trees, under stones, pieces of wood and in the long grass.

After our bingo game, we had time for a quick game of hide and seek in the “forest”!  The trees are growing so well that it was very hard to find people!!

We ended our session with a visit to the nature garden and pond.  We patiently sat and waited to see if there were any frogs and we were not disappointed!  It was very exciting to see them hopping about in the heather.

Friday’s Inspirational Quote

It’s Friday!  We’ve made it to the summer holidays!  A very well done to you all for working through this challenging time.  We wish you all a wonderful, screen free, summer holiday!  Here’s hoping for some good Shetland weather so we can all be outside enjoying what’s on our doorstep.  On our class chat yesterday, we had some questions about what returning to school in August will be like.  While we answered these as best as we could, it’s impossible to give exact answers to help calm those who are uncertain.  With that thought in mind, this is our final quote of the school year…along with another from a well loved character!

Friday’s Inspirational Quote

Somehow, we have made it to the end of the second last week of term!  I worried how these past two weeks would go preparing work at home, checking our Team and clearing our class and making ready for whatever August may bring and home schooling my own boys.  It seemed like there was too much to do and too little time but…what I failed to remember is that it always feels this way and it always all gets done in the end!  I also forgot that you are all working away brilliantly using our Team and being patient if you’ve had to wait for an answer.  Plus, I have had the help of Mrs Henderson, John, Jackie B, Jackie J and our support staff team helping me.  Huge thanks to you all!  We are all nearly there!  Keep going!  Keep smiling!  😊

Friday’s Inspirational Quote

This week, teachers have been allowed back into school to clear work off walls and sort classrooms to make ready for August.  It felt very strange to be back for the first time since 13th of March!  We’ve all been through a lot since then, having to learn and work from home and get used to new routines and new ways of working.  I was struck by our last classroom quote that was chosen and written up by Lois way back it March.  It seems even more apt now.

Friday’s Inspirational Quote

On our Teams page, we regularly post up our, “How are you feeling?” Poll.  We notice that the responses given vary each time we do it.  As we’ve said before, each day is different.  How we feel each day and how we respond to what’s going on around us changes too.  It’s important to recognise that there are hard days…bad days…but within each day, perhaps just before settling down at night, try to think of one or two positives from your day.  They will be there…some days you just have to look harder.  🙂