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End of Year Party and Goodbye to Hasan

We had a lovely afternoon today. Lots of the class had made or brought in party food 🎉 🍰  🍪 . We said our goodbyes to Hasan and wished him luck in his new school in England.

We had an awards ceremony for achievements for the year, our Accelerated Reader lucky dip and then played Winky  Murder and then Pie Face 🥧! It was so funny!

Then we opened our ‘Go Wild’ packs from Ms Scanlan. Finally we had our party food outside (watching a couple of frogs 🐸). Here are some of our Pie Face photos, thanks for that Faith! 😂

Playleader Training

On Monday our P6s had their final training session. They are all now fully trained up and this is what they said about their training-

Shane: I liked playing games like Giant’s Keys.

Ronan: Playleader was good because we learnt fun games to play with the little ones.

Holly : I think it was very, very good because the games we are playing are so good.

Jessica: Playleader is great for the Primary 2s and 3s, because if they don’t have anyone to play with then they can play with us.

Archie: It’s quite fun, but sometimes the little kids don’t listen very well!

Ryan: Playleader was very good because we got to play good games and played with little ones, but they were hard to control!

Ruby: I liked Playleader because we all did it together and it was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to do it with the younger ones.

Thanks to Toby for all the photos.