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French in the sunshine

Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and used the multicourt to cement our recent French learning. The pupils competed in a game of dictation.

They had to run to the opposite side of the court to read a French phrase, try to memorise it and repeat to their awaiting team members – correct spelling and pronunciation was key as they later found when peer assessing their efforts in class.

The pupils really enjoyed the activity and are looking forward to playing it again in the future – next time some will focus on the attention to detail and not just the speed.

French Pen Pals

During the October holidays Miss. Scanlan spent some time working in a French school in Cannes. At the start of the term, two teachers from this school returned to Scotland and Shetland to see how our schools differ to theirs.

One of the teachers, Yann Gueyffier, came into our class to share some information with us too. The pupils from P5/6 have agreed to become pen pals with the pupils in Yann’s class – we sent some information about ourselves back with Yann when he was leaving Shetland.

Yesterday, some of the pupils received video messages from their pen pals. There was much excitement in the classroom and we were all really impressed with their English. We will need to practice our French speaking before we are confident enough to send a video reply.

We will hope to send some seasonal messages through to the school before the end of term and are really hoping that we can continue to build our use of French through this activity.

Tammy’s first full day in Montpellier

Today Tammy has been in class learning some French grammar and then he went exploring in the city. He has been finding the answers to a few of your questions.

Drew asked ‘What do people eat in France?’

Tammy said ‘They eat lots of different things, like 🐌, which Ms Scanlan enjoyed, and lots of local cheeses, meat, fish and fresh vegetables.

And they have lots of different types of pancakes, savoury and sweet.

Callum asked if the French eat frogs’ legs, but I haven’t seen any yet!

Robert wanted to know do they have skyscrapers in Montpellier, there are some lovely old buildings but I haven’t seen any skyscrapers. Callum asked what sort of houses they have, so I’ve taken a few photos for you.

And after a busy day I had a bit of time relaxing. Robert wanted to know what do children play, and I had fun with some, playing in the park.

Bonne nuit , à demain.