Tammy’s first full day in Montpellier

Today Tammy has been in class learning some French grammar and then he went exploring in the city. He has been finding the answers to a few of your questions.

Drew asked ‘What do people eat in France?’

Tammy said ‘They eat lots of different things, like 🐌, which Ms Scanlan enjoyed, and lots of local cheeses, meat, fish and fresh vegetables.

And they have lots of different types of pancakes, savoury and sweet.

Callum asked if the French eat frogs’ legs, but I haven’t seen any yet!

Robert wanted to know do they have skyscrapers in Montpellier, there are some lovely old buildings but I haven’t seen any skyscrapers. Callum asked what sort of houses they have, so I’ve taken a few photos for you.

And after a busy day I had a bit of time relaxing. Robert wanted to know what do children play, and I had fun with some, playing in the park.

Bonne nuit , à demain.


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