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Today was the big day for all of us in P5/6, time to share our learning with friends, family and the whole school. There were a few nerves building as the day progressed and much relief when it was all finished – also some pleasure in being able to reduce some parents and staff members to a tear at the end!

Isabel, Jay and Alex sharing details of how WW1 started.

Emma, Carla and Tory sharing details of women in WW1

Robbie, Ronan and Robert shared information about life in the trenches.

Kelsi, Mia and Evie talked about some key Shetlanders from WW1

Amy, Koll and Frankie spoke about the battle of the Somme, where Shetland suffered the biggest loss.

Hayden, Isaiah and Lucien shared some details of the weapons used in WW1.

Becca, Hannah and Daniel shared their thoughts on the end of the war and our learning.

Ellie, Evie, Hannah, Isabel and Robbie all shared information about their own connections to WW1. This was a lovely addition to the assembly and all of the pupils had found this information in their own time!

Quiz time (Abi, Ellie and Kayla): time to check if the audience had been paying enough attention to the assembly… Well done audience!

Getting ready to sing “Keep the Home Fires Burning” – we are blessed with such beautiful singers in P5/6

Soloists: Emma, Evie, Hannah, Tory, Kelsi, Abi, Becca and Carla.

Quartets: Robbie, Lucien, Hayden and Koll and Ellie, Kayla, Jay and Frankie.

I can honestly say that I could not have been more proud of all of the P5/6 pupils. They have put so much thought and effort into this. They have been very instrumental in deciding how we should do it, what should be included, all slides and scripts were prepared by themselves too.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the topic of WW1, both the pupils and myself, and I believe that was clear in the presentation of their assembly this afternoon.

Well done P5/6, you should all be super proud of yourselves – have a well deserved break over the weekend!

Achievement Talks 30.11.18

Today it was the turn of those on Nerdy Nuggets (consisting of Alex, Becca, Carla, Evie, Hannah and Lucien) to share their achievements with the rest of the class.

Today Carla shared with us some work that she had been doing at home based on our WW1 topic. Using the learning that we have been doing in class Carla created a diary of a woman during the period of WW1. It contained information of life at home, stories she had heard from the trenches and the impact of the loss of family members too. Well done Carla!

The diary of a woman during WW1.

Hannah told us all about her Grade 2 piano exam she sat earlier in the week. Some of the tasks she had to achieve were – play 3 pieces of music, accurately read and play a new piece and demonstrate her ability to follow a beat. We look forward to hearing how successful she was in the coming weeks. Good luck Hannah!

Lucien and Alex talked us through their WW1 PowerPoint presentation they have been completing in class. We have been concentrating on a specific area of WW1 each week and the pupils have been updating this information onto a PowerPoint presentation. There is some really interesting information being shared here boys, well done!

WW1 power point before we leave school.

Well done Nerdy Nuggets. Again, there have been some great achievements shared this week. I am also enjoying hearing all of the information that the pupils have been finding out about their personal connections to WW1.

Keep  up the good work P5/6!

Remembrance Crosses

This week we have been concentrating on Remembrance, discussing who and why we remember and why the poppy is used as a symbol for this.

After our class trip the pupils have taken note of some of the names of local people who lost their lives in WW1. Some pupils have also found members of their own family who were involved too – we hope to research this more in the future.

As part of the act of remembrance the class were introduced to the Remembrance Cross, where crosses are decorated with a poppy and dedicated to a particular soldier. We decided to use the  information from our trip to dedicated a cross to our own local hero.

Each member of the class was given two pieces of wood, some sandpaper and string to create their own cross. The pictures above show them sanding down the rough edges in preparation. They then decorated the cross with a poppy and dedicated their cross to a soldier they were either related to who had lost their life during the war or one that we had learnt about during our trip.

The pupils have taken their crosses home with them where they will either keep them to remember their soldier or leave it at a War Memorial this weekend.

Well done P5/6 the crosses look fabulous and you have all done a great job in understanding and respecting the meaning of Remembrance.

P5/6 WW1 Trip

On Wednesday we spent the morning visiting various places in Lerwick as part of our WW1 topic.

We began with a visit to the Anderson High School where we met with Mr. Jon Sandison. Mr. Sandison shared with us details of his own Grandad and his involvement in WW1, he also highlighted some of the roles that Shetlanders adopted during the war.

Through his teaching we now have a greater understanding of the sacrifices Shetland went through in these hard times. It has also given us names and dates that we will be looking into further throughout our topic.

The Anderson High School

Mr. Sandison sharing details about his own Grandad.
Shetlanders “checking the cables”
Waving the men off for The Great War.
Memorial at the AHS listing all of the former pupils who died in the war.

After thanking Mr. Sandison we left to visit the Methodist Church in Lerwick. As this is the centenary year the church were hosting an “Experience Remembrance” event. The pupils moved around different stations throughout the church, listening to personal stories of experience or family connections to the war. There was also the opportunity to try some “Trench cake” and look at medals, photographs, etc.

Experiencing Remembrance at Lerwick Methodist Church

Experiencing our own war

Our class conflict wall

Discussion over the meaning of courage – with some personal stories of how family members had been courageous during the war.



Discussion over the meaning of sacrifice – with some personal stories of how family members had made the ultimate sacrifice and personal experiences of the rationing of WW2.


Discussion over the meaning of being safe – the pupils heard the sound of an air raid siren and went down to experience an Anderson Shelter. Throughout this they were told stories of personal experiences of air raids during WW2.


Pupils discussed ways they could resolve the conflicts they had raised on our conflict wall.


Finally we discussed the meaning of remembrance and the significance of the poppy. Pupils were given two petals to write a name of somebody they would like to remember. One petal was left at the church and the other was placed in their pocket to act as a reminder for them.


After lunch we walked over to the War Memorial at Hilhead. We discussed that the inner section was dedicated to those lost in WW1 and how the outer section was dedicated to those lost in WW2.

The pupils enjoyed looking to see if their family name was present on the memorial and we looked for some of the names that Mr. Sandison had shared with us earlier in the day too. We took some rubbings of the names to bring back to school.

Looking for family names.
We found the plaque dedicated to those from Dunrossness.
Making connections with the names we found.

Both myself and Miss Budge would like to thank all of the pupils for their fabulous behaviour on the trip today and for James Adamson volunteering as our parent helper. There was a lot for us to fit in and they all behaved fatastically and were very respectful to those who were sharing stories with us.

A huge thank you to Mr. Sandison, and the Anderson High School, and those involved with our experience at the Lerwick Methodist Church.

Well done P5/6!!