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Today was the big day for all of us in P5/6, time to share our learning with friends, family and the whole school. There were a few nerves building as the day progressed and much relief when it was all finished – also some pleasure in being able to reduce some parents and staff members to a tear at the end!

Isabel, Jay and Alex sharing details of how WW1 started.

Emma, Carla and Tory sharing details of women in WW1

Robbie, Ronan and Robert shared information about life in the trenches.

Kelsi, Mia and Evie talked about some key Shetlanders from WW1

Amy, Koll and Frankie spoke about the battle of the Somme, where Shetland suffered the biggest loss.

Hayden, Isaiah and Lucien shared some details of the weapons used in WW1.

Becca, Hannah and Daniel shared their thoughts on the end of the war and our learning.

Ellie, Evie, Hannah, Isabel and Robbie all shared information about their own connections to WW1. This was a lovely addition to the assembly and all of the pupils had found this information in their own time!

Quiz time (Abi, Ellie and Kayla): time to check if the audience had been paying enough attention to the assembly… Well done audience!

Getting ready to sing “Keep the Home Fires Burning” – we are blessed with such beautiful singers in P5/6

Soloists: Emma, Evie, Hannah, Tory, Kelsi, Abi, Becca and Carla.

Quartets: Robbie, Lucien, Hayden and Koll and Ellie, Kayla, Jay and Frankie.

I can honestly say that I could not have been more proud of all of the P5/6 pupils. They have put so much thought and effort into this. They have been very instrumental in deciding how we should do it, what should be included, all slides and scripts were prepared by themselves too.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the topic of WW1, both the pupils and myself, and I believe that was clear in the presentation of their assembly this afternoon.

Well done P5/6, you should all be super proud of yourselves – have a well deserved break over the weekend!

Scottish Opera

On Monday 4th June, we had a very exciting day at Sandwick, working with some of the Sandwick and Cunningsburgh primary classes to perform The Dragon of the Western Sea.

We met in the games hall first to run through all the singing, with a bit of acting, then we separated off to polish our performances. After lunch we had a dress rehearsal and then at 2pm, the performance in front of an audience of school bairns, family and friends. It is amazing how quickly the final polished performance was put together and we were very pleased with how well our bairns did. What a fantastic day.

A busy day!

We were really excited today to meet our two new pupils – Typhena and Junias. They had a great time and went up to Mareel with the P6 and 7s in the morning to see Wonder.

Back in school the P5s did a range of crafts, started to design badges for a competition and started to learn Vive le vent – Jingle bells in French.

We had a super afternoon watching the dress rehearsal. It’s looking really good! See you all there tomorrow or Friday!