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Dance in Class P.E.

Over the past week, we have been putting together a class dance with an African feel!  It was a beautiful day so we took our rehearsals outside and managed to run through all the steps as a class.  They’ve picked it up really quickly.  In the afternoon Fearne’s Mum, Mercyline, met us in the multi court to show us some moves that would be typical in the Sengenya dance and then she helped us add some of these movements into the group sequences that the children created.  They had some lovely, creative ideas!  We’ll record these dances tomorrow and hope to share our work at the end of term.  A big thank you to Mercyline for giving up her time for us. 😊

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A busy day!

We were really excited today to meet our two new pupils – Typhena and Junias. They had a great time and went up to Mareel with the P6 and 7s in the morning to see Wonder.

Back in school the P5s did a range of crafts, started to design badges for a competition and started to learn Vive le vent – Jingle bells in French.

We had a super afternoon watching the dress rehearsal. It’s looking really good! See you all there tomorrow or Friday!