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There has been inspiration for lots of different things this week.  Lottie Mae has designed and made her own olden days school and classroom using the blocks.

Ewan has been making pizza after having a delicious school dinner.

Ollie designed his very own boat with lots of different things that move on it.

Using our imaginations, we have made fantastic things and have been inspired by many different situations.  We shall post up more as we see/do them, keep an eye out for updates!

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Farm visit

We have had a fantastic trip to Scholland Farm today.  Mrs Leslie was showing us around. Jamie was busy doing what farmers do at this hectic time of year.  We were lucky to catch him for a little while and he came to tell us about some things before heading back to continue with some bailing.  Here are some photos.

Jamie is baling straw so Mrs Leslie is telling us all about the barley and combining and then the straw being put into big bales to be used for animal bedding.

Then we went to see the cows.  There were lots of them along with their calves.  They were being moved so we’re running and kicking their heels with delight!

We stood back and watched. It was funny!

Then we got to see some of the farm machinery. Some of us knew what it was and some us learned what these were called and what it was used for.

After that we went for a short walk along a track to see Jet caa the sheep.  Jet was lovely and did everything she was told.  We asked how she knew what to do and Jamie told us what commands he used to get her to do what he wanted.  She’s very clever!

Next it was the vegetable patch and we were very lucky to see lots of different types of vegetables.  We even got some to take back to school and will use them this week.

Finally we passed the smelly slurry spreader and went to see the caddy lambs, hens and one of the horses.

We had a great time and even managed to see a few planes and helicopters take off and land. What a fantastic day we’ve had.

What is it?

Our Topic this term is Then and Now. The children will be comparing their lives with that of their Parents, Grandparents and even Great-Grandparents!  Keep a look out for a letter coming home this week looking for some help with our new Topic!

I asked my own family if they had any items of interest from the past at home that the children could look at. We spent a little while discussing what they were or what they could be used for.  P1/2 had some amazing ideas as to what they could be used for! A body scanner was one of my favourites!

Do you know what they are?!




Thursday Activities

Today saw P1/2 involved in lots more Viking activities!  In the morning we listened to Stephen Renwick talk to us about Viking life. He told us about Viking clothing, weapons, money and trading and answered lots of our questions.  P1/2 listened so well and answered questions really sensibly.

Then we went to see Esther Renwick who is an archaeologist.  She talked to us about her job and told us about how we “know” about the Vikings.  She showed as a pretend excavation site and how when you go down through the layers, you may come across things from the past, going further back in time the lower you dig.

In the afternoon, we talked about Viking runes and practised writing our names as we would have done years ago.  P1/2 did this with ease!  We wrote our names on foil and made Viking type pendants.

Visit from a Fire Fighter

On Wednesday 28th November, Kirsty’s Dad came to visit our class to talk about his job as a retained fireman. He brought in lots of things to show us and we leanred about the importance of his job in our local community. P1/2 asked him LOTS of questions and we all had fun trying on some of his firefighter gear! The oxygen tank was VERY heavy!

Thank you to everyone who sent in information about their job in the local community too, the children have discovered the wide range of services in our local area and the importance of each one.

Visit from a Doctor

As part of our “Around our School” topic, we have been finding out about jobs in our local area and the types of services they provide. Thank you to everyone who has sent in information about the jobs they do, the children loved finding out about them all and could see how important every single person was in our community.

We were lucky enough to have Dr Anita Graham in to visit our class on Wednesday to share information about the type of work she does. The class all came up with questions prior to her visit and everyone loved getting to try out some of the equipment Dr Graham uses on a day to day basis. Afterwards we shared our thoughts on what we want to be when we are older…a Doctor was by far the most popular choice!

Toys from the past

On Tuesday 2nd May we visited the Shetland Museum to learn about toys from the past. Yvonne showed us around and took us on a journey through time, starting with the Vikings. We saw miniature oil lamps which were thought to be used by children in their pretend games, just like children do today when playing with pretend kitchens etc.

We also saw examples of board games with chess like figures, dice and whistles. Most items were made from bone or stone but it was interesting to see that many things are still played with today, just made from different materials.

Then we moved on to seeing what it was like to live in an old croft house in Shetland. Children used small fish bones to make their own toys and pretend games. They also went guising, but wore very different costumes to those worn by children today!

After that we had a look at what life was like for wealthy people in Victorian times. Their toys were expensive and very different to the toys we had just seen!

Time for a quick snack and then we got to explore some toys from more recent times. It was great fun!

Thank you again to our parent helpers who joined us on the day.


Today, we were glad to see Mr Rose back in class to help us learn all about Forces.  We have been learning that forces are all around us, all the time.  We have been talking about gravity and the forces that we can apply to objects to make them move and change.  We are looking forward to planning, testing and writing up our own experiment soon.